New challenge: 9 points

We start a crucial week for us because we will dispute again 9 points in 7 days. This will be quite usual in Thai League calendar. The first challenge was very positive and we were the only team able to win the 3 consecutive games. Again, the challenge is in front of us and we have all the will to do it again. First match will be against Chonburi, which ended second last season and we both played the qualifying rounds of Asian Champions. It is one of the teams called to be in the top spots by the end of the season although they have 7 points in the first 6 games of the season. However, I prefer to focus on ourselves, if we play again at our level we will have big chances of conquering the 3 points in dispute. I see the team connected, with intensity and eager to achieve this new challenge. We also want to recover from the last League game and give more happiness to our fans. It was a great satisfaction to see so many people last weekend in Sa Kaew, more than 3 hours by bus from Bangkok. We play for them and we want to dedicate them a new victory. We want to play a great match playing again with our style, keep improving with our philosophy and intensity that have made us be within the first spots in the standings. We await all of you next Sunday at Leo Stadium. All together we are stronger. We are BG!!