1 partido 13 veces //

Tomorrow we resume competition and start the last stage of the league. The past three months have been the most intensive in competitive terms due to the national team commitments, and the start of FA Cup and League Cup. During the first leg of the league we solved well this block with a lot of matches, few trainings and the need to rotate players in order to be competitive in all games. Now we start the last part of the competition in which we must face every match as if it was the last, compete at the maximum level and finish to define our goals as a team.

One of the advantages we will have is that almost all weeks will be “clean”; we will have time to train, again with two block of games and two stops in the competition. This will help to compete at the maximum level and recover all those injured players.

Sometimes I feel that talking to the team about performance goals generates a bit of anxiety and it is better to focus on the task, increase performance in every match, and individual improvement of the player will turn into improvement as a team. All in all, what I feel suits best us as a team is to establish performance objectives and find commitment from every player with them, in particular with the youngest players.

Also the fact of signing Toti and Aridane has made the team different and I have had to focus in finding playing alternatives that we did not have in the past; changing two players has implied a lot of time from my side in evaluating the playing style that can give us best performance, taking into account their characteristics and the positive interactions that may generate with the players already in the squad. Thai League is very dynamic in its playing style and the adaptation to it is not easy.

Likewise, my other great concern the past few weeks has been to find the way to be more competitive in our away matches. We are the best team of the League, along with Muang Thong, in home matches, but when we play visiting team we are only the fifth best. The gap in the standings we have with Buriram and Muang Thong is due to our four away defeats, and it is this aspect where I have to insist the most.

We have 13 games left, although I personally prefer to see it as a one-game where we have to perform at maximum level 13 times.

I trust we could be able to finish the season with the taste in the mouth of work well done. The team is more cohesive than ever, the perception that my players have transmitted me the past three weeks of training has been very good, and I hope tomorrow all the work done translates into a new victory and the team performing at a great level. We are BG!!