Un gran reto //

I arrive to Suphanburi with very high expectations. The team ended last season in third position and the club has made strong investments in the transfer market, both with Thai and foreign players, who add to the players already in the squad.

My objectives are to maintain Suphanburi, at least, in third position this year, and to practice a good football that entertains the fans, in particular in the home games. I’m aware of the difficulty of the challenge, because in the Thai League it is usual to have 6-7 teams fighting for the top positions and it is not easy to be in those spots.

The most difficult thing now is, obviously, to find the time to start implementing my ideas, as we have two games in a row coming, Wednesday and Sunday. Then we will have a 20-day stop in the League, when we will have our “special preseason”, and from the 23rd April on we will have a tough calendar, with games practically every week, and many games on Wednesdays; in fact, we will have 12 consecutive games Sunday-Wednesday-Sunday.

My biggest worry is to create the style of play of the team, try to find quickly the way to be as competitive as possible, and that’s what we are doing now. As mentioned before, the greatest difficulty is to have the time to work with the team, but in the two trainings we have done so far I consider we have enough resources to do a good season. I see the players eager to continue in the path of self and collective improvement, and every day, every training counts. I feel the willingness to learn new concepts, how we search for a style and identity for Suphanburi (in football-style) is reflected in the attitude and the daily performance of my players.

I hope we are able to achieve our objectives and have a great season here in Suphanburi this year. From my side, I will put all my effort and commitment to take Suphanburi as high as possible.