Tokushima Vortis lost their first home game this season in a match where they were the dominating side and deserved much more. But that is Japan League 2, a very even competition where any circumstance can unbalance a match. Ricardo Rodriguez opted again for a strategy to win possession. Victory was bound to happen through good game play, as is customary in Tokushima. Nomura had the first chance with a header inside the area that came very close to the net of Omiya Ardija’s goal. The visitors barely threatened the goal of Tokushima Vortis with no further chances on goal by both teams. It was not easy for Tokushima Vortis to turn their control of the game into clear goal options. Ardija opted to play hard on defense awaiting a counterattack. Despite that, Suzuki, after a corner kick, was close to scoring with a shot that went slightly over the crossbar. Nomura found space inside the box to try again, but his shot was too weak to create any danger against the rival’s goal. Moments later, Kiyotake led a counterattack that was intersected by Omiya Ardija’s defense when the ball went straight to goal. The visitors, on the other hand, found the goal in their only dangerous shot on goal. Banunski scored the only goal of the game with a great shot from outside the box unstoppable for Kajikawa. Although there were still twenty minutes left on the clock, Vortis could not tie the game, even with Ricardo Rodriguez substitutions. The defeat leaves Tokushima Vortis in 14th place in the table, three points behind the play-off spots, set by Montedio in sixth place with 6 points. At the top, Ryukyu and Mito Hollyhock lead with three victories in three games.