Tokushima Vortis were held to their first goalless draw this season. However, given the multiple chances on goal from both teams, the game deserved to end with more than one goal. Ricardo Rodríguez opted once again for a very offensive game, with the intention of dominating the match through possession. But that was not easy to achieve against a rival with a reputation for offensive football.

Both teams were attacking, starting with two crosses into the penalty box but both incapable of converting them into goals. Minutes later, a great attack led by Kishimoto was close to giving Tokushima the lead, but Uchida’s shot on goal could not find the back of the net of Kyoto Sanga. The response from the hosts came immediately afterwards with a shot off of the post. The first half finished with an attempt by Tokushima Vortis from the far right that ended with a missed header from Iwao.

In the second half, the two teams continued to fight for the win. Kajikawa’s great intersection was followed by a volley from Kishimito. The Vortis’ striker capitalized on all the dangerous attempts, either in the form of shots or assists. Omotehara’s dangerous attempt on goal was deflected by Sanga’s defense. In the final minutes of the game, each team had a clear opportunity on goal, however the match ended with a goalless draw.

Tokushima Vortis currently stand in 14th place with 14 points and are 5 points away from the play offs. The next game will be played at home against Tochigi, making it a great opportunity for Tokushima to go for the win after failing to do so in three games.