Tokushima Vortis failed to take home any points in their visit to V-Varen, in a game that saw multiple goal-scoring opportunities for Vortis. Tomizawa, V-Varen’s goalkeeper, was able to maintain a clean sheet during the 90 minutes of the game, causing frustration for the Vortis’ players.

The match began at a high pace with Iwao having the first chance on goal through a shot from outside the penalty area that was greatly saved by Varen’s goalkeeper. Kishimito was also close to scoring the first goal for Tokushima through a header. V-Varen, on the other hand, were able to convert the first chance they had into a goal in the first quarter of the hour. Goya picked up the ball from within the penalty area and netted a volley against goalkeeper Kajikawa. Tokushima were quick to react after the first goal with another goal-scoring opportunity, but it was saved by V-Varen’s goalkeeper. The shot was  converted into a corner kick, resulting in a header from Sugimoto that went over the crossbar. The first half came to an end with a shot from Konishi from outside the penalty area that came very close to the goal of V-Varen.

The scenario in the second half was similar to that of the first half, with Tokushima Vortis trying to convert chances into goals, in search of a draw. The first goal opportunity came from Nomura’s cross from the left side into the penalty area. Kano fired a shot that went over the crossbar. Then, in a quick counterattack, Oshitani came one-to-one with the goalkeeper but he failed to find the back of the net. To make things worse, the match ended with a shot from Kishimito, that was saved once again by Tomizawa.

Tokushima Vortis, were the better side but again failed to transform that dominance into points. The Blues currently have 17 points and are ranked 16 in the table. The main goal is to escape the bottom of the table as soon as possible. The match against Zweigen Kanazawa will play a decisive part in determing the future.