Tokushima Vortis, currently at 30 points, are just three points away from the playoff spots after beating Ventforet, currently in sixth place, away from home. It is the Blues’ fourth consecutive victory, who displayed great effort against a team that never gave up throughout the 90 minutes of the game.

Tokushima Vortis went ahead early into the game through Iwao’s goal in the eleventh minute. Ventforet’s goalkeeper managed to save a ball taken from a free kick by Konishi, however, Iwao was available to score the rebound and give the Blues the lead. With an advantage on the scoreline, Tokushima Vortis were in control of the match against an opponent that barely managed to create any danger in front of Kajikawa’s goal.

In the second half Ventforet showed a more aggressive side, however, could not get past the solid defense of Tokushima Vortis. That is another aspect that Ricardo Rodríguez has changed in the month of June, having conceded only two goals in their last four victories. Sato was the most dangerous player from the Ventforet team, with two attempts on Kajikawa’s goal. However, the most dangerous chance for the hosts was that of Mori, in a header that went slightly over the crossbar.

During the last minutes of the game, Tokushima Vortis had the chance to double the lead. In the end, however, the result remained the same, giving Ricardo Rodríguez’ team a new victory. The next match – following the game against Ehime on Wednesday in the Emperor’s Cup – hopes to seal the Blues’ fifth consecutive win.