Perfect match of Tokushima Vortis to regain confidence after the last defeat. A game with all the positive aspects that the Blues needed for their interests. The first is to approach the play-off spots again, now at a distance of 4 points. Closer than ever this season. The second is to overcome a match – began losing 0-1 – and the third: the goal. Five in total.

Kagoshima surprised in their first approach on Tokushima’s box, making goal after 7 minutes by a header from Goryo. It was hard for Tokushima Vortis to find space in their opponent’s defense. It was not until minute 40 when a breakthrough in the left was finished in goal by Kawata, very agile inside the box to reach the ball and finish. In the last action of the first half came the play of the goal of Iwao, with a header in a corner kick.

That goal seemed to boost the game in the second half, but Kagoshima made the 2-2 with penalty kick in the 55th minute, by Brito. The situation was again complicated for Tokushima, who reacted based on game play and goals. Three in total. Nomura opened the path to victory in the 72nd minute with a cross shot inside the box, followed by another goal from Kawata in 78th in a big header and closed the win Oshitani in the 95th minute of the match.

Tokushima Vortis awaits the next matchday, at the home of Albirex Niigata, with the aim to continue adding to get closer to the top of the ranking.