Tokushima Vortis sealed another victory in their fight for the promotion spots to Japan League 1. Their win, however, did not come easy, against a team that is fighting to avoid relegation.

There were hardly any scoring opportunities for either teams during the first half. Tokushima only came close to scoring in the final seconds of the first half from a direct free kick by Buijs who was denied by Ehime’s goalkeeper.

It all went down in the second half, starting with a clear goal chance for the hosts that did not, however, end in a goal. In the 60th minute of the match, Vortis responded through Nomura with a great shot that was saved by Ehime’s goalkeeper. In a very similar play, and fifteen minutes later, Nomura was able to find the net and give Tokushima the lead.Tokushima Vortis continued to attack in hopes of scoring the second. Uchida was close to widening the scoreline with a shot from outside the penalty box but that came off the post. Ishii, through a corner kick, also had the opportunity to make it 0-2 for the Blues.

Despite missing those goal chances, Tokushima were glad to have sealed the three points, and currently accumulate 49 points. Kyoto Sanga occupies sixth place with 52 points, and Yokohama second with 55 points. The next match will be played at home against V-Varen Nagasaki.