Iwao was able to rescue a point for Tokushima Vortis in the final minutes of the match against Tochigi. A result that places Tokushima at 55 points, two points from sixth place – currently occupied by Ventforet – and allows the Blues to maintain their eight-game unbeaten run.

Tochigi showed a very offensive profile in the first minutes of the game, playing on the left wing, with two attempts into the penalty box, however causing no problems for Kajikawa. That, however, changed in the 40th minute, where a play down the left wing originated the 1-0. Kajikawa was able to save Luiz de Andrade’s first shot, but not the second.

Being behind on the scoreline, Tokushima Vortis fought for the equaliser in the second half, which in turn also triggered counter-attacks, but Vortis’ rapid defensive withdrawal prevented further goals for Tochigi.

The equaliser came about in the 81st minute, from a corner kick. After several attempts, Iwao was able to finally find the net. In the last minutes, Tokushima fought for the second goal, however they were unlucky.

Thus, the match ended with a draw, with Tokushima currently thinking of their next rival: Okayama (57 points); a game in which victory seems like the decisive factor in being able to reach the play-off spots.