Tokushima Vortis secured an important victory against a team that is fighting for the same objective towards the end of the season: promotion to Japan League 1.

The match started off at a very high pace, with Tokushima Vortis scoring in the 19th minute. The Vortis player passed the ball to Uchida whose shot, luckily, was caught off by Ishii and was able to score the first goal.

However, Omiya Ardija did not take long to react. They gained possession of the ball in the center of the field and that ended with a good shot from outside the area by Babunski who was able to equalise. Five minutes later, the locals scored the second goal from a long cross that Ippei was able to finish with a shot from outside the goal of Tokushima. Kishimoto, Vortis’ player, also had a chance to score through an individual action but it was blocked by Omiya’s goalkeeper. Before halftime, Nomura scored the second goal through a good shot on goal.

In the second half the locals scored the equaliser through a header from Sakai from a corner kick. Despite the goal, Tokushima continued their fight for the 3 points. Through collective play Uchida managed to score the third goal after beating two rivals. That goal was worth three points for Tokushima, who currently have 61 points, and are in sixth place along with Mito Hollyhock, whom they will play at home next match.