Tokushima Vortis did not fail and will play the play-offs for the promotion to the Japan League 1 after sealing a comfortable victory against Renofa Yamaguchi and securing 73 points. The team led by Ricardo Rodríguez showed again the dynamics that they have been exhibiting for a long time, with offensive and very successful football when it comes to scoring.

Tokushima had the first goal opportunity in the 9th minute of the match through Kawata, in an individual action from Vortis’ striker that ended with a shot above the crossbar. Kawata returned once again half an hour throughout the game, with a great shot from outside the box that crashed into the crossbar. After two warnings, the Vortis striker was able to score a goal in the 38th minute. Tokushima thus achieved the goal of getting ahead on the scoreboard and thus avoiding looking at other results.

A sense of relief for the Blues came along after Kawata’s second goal as soon as the second half started in an attempt that surpassed Renofa’s goalkeeper. Tamukai, in the 50th minute, made the final 3-0 coming from behind to finish off an attempt down the left wing.

Tokushima closed the season with spectacular numbers, especially in the final part of the season, with 11 victories in the last 15 games of Japan League 2. With these statistics they have reached the play-offs, playing the first game against Ventforet at home. The other clash is Omiya Ardija-Montedio. Yokohama, meanwhile, guaranteed their promotion to Japan League 1 along with Kashiwa Reysol.