Tokushima Vortis, after being on the verge of promotion to Japan League 1 last season, started off the new season with some new faces and the same hopes. Among those new faces is Kazuki Nishiya, who could not have had a better start in a blue shirt. He played his first official match in Japan League 2 with Tokushima and was able to score three goals.

A player who, regardless of his goals – he is not a specialist in this aspect: last season he scored 5 goals in total –will contribute his quality to strengthen the associative game proposed by Ricardo Rodríguez for his team.

However, far from looking like a simple win, the start of the game was complicated for Tokushima. Tokyo Verdy opted for direct play and to win the second play, a situation that led to two good saves by Kajikawa in just one minute. Tokushima were able to, upon getting to the opponent´s area, to take advantage of a rebound from the goalkeeper and score the opening goal via Nishiya in the 33rd minute. Four minutes later, and from a very similar play, Nishiya scored his second.

Tokushima closed the central spaces in the second half, where they varied in style, looking for faster-paced attacks. As a result, the Blues were able to score the third goal and a hattrick for Nishiya, who finished within the area with a great cross shot. Tokushima Vortis had more chances to score in a bright start to the season that puts them at the top of the table.