Consolidated in the lead, Tokushima Vortis (51 points) have opened a significant distance of five points to third place in the Japan League after beating Ehime. Remember that the first two are promoted directly to Japan League 1, a path that Tokushima is tracing with confidence based on an outstanding consistency in result and play.

After a clear dominance of Tokushima against Ehime, developed in a low defensive block mainly, Kakita opened the way to victory in the 39th minute. It was in one of the several collective plays by Ricardo Rodríguez’s team to reach the rival area by bands and finish with a centre inside. After his first shot was repelled by Ehime’s defence, Kakita did hit the second by hunting a strong shot from Diego from the left side into the small area.

In the second half Tokushima continued to dominate the game and scoring chances. That was brought about almost always in collective actions looking for their back to Ehime’s left side. One of them ended in a shot to the crossbar, and then made it 2-0, ultimately the final one. Ehime scored an own goal in an attempt to clear Iwao’s defence to centre.

In the last half hour Tokushima was able to widen the score line against an opponent who chose to seek the attack in the last moments. Despite the chances for both teams, the result remained the same, sealing another victory for Tokushima.