Tokushima are fast approaching their goal to promote to Japan League 1 with the victory against Tochigi on a new weekday match. Thus overcoming the problems caused by such a full schedule of matches. It is also the second consecutive home victory, an important aspect to end up sealing the promotion in this final stretch of the season.

The first chance on goal for the locals came in the fifth minute of the game. It was in a set play in a throw-in. Diego Jara executed a long throw to the box, so that Sugimori, after a touch, found a shot that went out very close to Tochigi’s goal. The chances followed one another in the following minutes, with Tokushima reaching the last meters through his combinatorial game, although without success on goal. It was necessary to wait until the start of the second half for Tokushima’s first goal. A Tochigi defender, attempting to clear a dangerous crossing into the box, scored an own goal; a goal that was well deserved based on what was seen so far on the pitch, with Ricardo Rodríguez’s team as the clear dominator.

That trend was maintained despite the advantage on the scoreboard, where Tokushima, as usual, kept looking for more goals. Nevertheless, there was also a dangerous chance for Tochigi from a throw-in, where Kamifukumoto shone with a great save over the line. Kakita, after barely five minutes on the field, cleared any hint of trouble with a second goal. He did it by finishing off a great crossing from the right wing.

Three more points that take Tokushima to 68 points, leader of the competition with three points advantage over Fukuoka and five over Giravanz.