Tokushima Vortis were held to their first goalless draw this season. However, given the multiple chances on goal from both teams, the game deserved to end with more than one goal. Ricardo Rodríguez opted once again for a very offensive game, with the intention of dominating the match through possession. But that was not easy to achieve against a rival with a reputation for offensive football.

Both teams were attacking, starting with two crosses into the penalty box but both incapable of converting them into goals. Minutes later, a great attack led by Kishimoto was close to giving Tokushima the lead, but Uchida’s shot on goal could not find the back of the net of Kyoto Sanga. The response from the hosts came immediately afterwards with a shot off of the post. The first half finished with an attempt by Tokushima Vortis from the far right that ended with a missed header from Iwao.

In the second half, the two teams continued to fight for the win. Kajikawa’s great intersection was followed by a volley from Kishimito. The Vortis’ striker capitalized on all the dangerous attempts, either in the form of shots or assists. Omotehara’s dangerous attempt on goal was deflected by Sanga’s defense. In the final minutes of the game, each team had a clear opportunity on goal, however the match ended with a goalless draw.

Tokushima Vortis currently stand in 14th place with 14 points and are 5 points away from the play offs. The next game will be played at home against Tochigi, making it a great opportunity for Tokushima to go for the win after failing to do so in three games.


Tokushima Vortis could not take away anything positive from their visit to Okayama despite being ahead in the first few minutes of the game.

Kiyotake, in the 7th minute of the game, was able to score the penalty given to Tokushima. After the goal, the hosts demonstrated a high level of play, led by their striker Nakama, a player of great technical quality. Nakama was key in the equaliser before half time, assisting Lee Yong Jae.

The second half saw multiple opportunities for both teams. Halfway through the second half Kiyotake had the clearest chance for Tokushima Vortis, but his header went over the crossbar. With a quarter of an hour remaining on the clock, Okayama went ahead with a volley from Nakama. Despite the goal, Tokushima Vortis continued to fight for at least a  draw. However, Kishimoto’s shot was deflected by Okayama’s defense in the last minute of the game.

The defeat leaves Tokushima Vortis 14th in the table with 12 points, four points behind the promotion qualification spots. The next match will be played away from home, against Kyoto Sanga.


Tokushima Vortis has subscribed this season to find the solution in the last minutes. This time it was Oshitani, author of the goal of the Blues in the 90th minute of the match to rescue a point in the match against Ehime.

A game marked by rain, which made it look very fast football and loaded with chances for both teams. The first had Ehime, in a center to the area that did not find auctioneer. Much more clear was the one of Tokushima Vortis, with a shot to the stick of Nomura after stealing in the center of the field. Kiyotake, in the rebound after, was also close to making the first. The match went to rest without goals despite the offensive football.

The second part was even more vibrant, with both teams convinced to win the game. After several more occasions (Uchida grazed the goal again with a header that went slightly over the crossbar), the goals would come in the final stretch of the game. In the 79th minute, Kamiya scored for Ehime in a spectacular free-kick against which Kajikawa could not do anything. A goal to see one and a thousand times.

But there was the last hit of Tokushima Vortis. Those of Ricardo Rodríguez found the goal in a great collective play that ended Oshitani in a great maneuver inside the area to receive and find the goal.


Luck was on Tokushima Vortis’ side during Sunday’s encounter with Mito Hollyhock. A last-minute goal from defender Buijs reassured that the Blues are capable of fighting for everything in Japan League 2.

The match against Mito Hollyhock, who are currently in third place, was a test of level for Tokushima Vortis, who were able to overcome it, in a clash that witnessed some great chances. The hosts’ first chance on goal came from a shot by Jo that was very close to Vortis’ net. Tokushima Vortis, later, responded to that with a header from Kiyotake from a corner kick.

Throughout the game, the hosts showed why they deserved to be up in the table. However, Vortis also demonstrated the same determination. Vortis’ goalkeeper Kajikawa, with a brilliant save, denied a great header from Shimizu. Despite the many chances on goal, the first half ended with a goalless draw.

In the second half of the game, during the first few minutes, Vortis were denied by the woodwork. Mito went ahead with a quarter of an hour left on the clock through a spectacular play from Kuwokawa, who beat several Vortis players and was able to create a lovely finish with top quality against goalkeeper Kajikawa.

The game looked to be heading towards a win for Mito, until Buijs’ last minute equaliser. The draw leaves Tokushima at 11 points, just three points away from the play-offs after a week during which they were able to secure 7 points from the three games played.


Tokushima Vortis enjoyed their second consecutive victory last night in a vibrant game against Renofa Yamaguchi who, despite currently being in the bottom of the table, showed that there are no easy games in this competition.

Vortis began the game with a clear scoring opportunity from a corner kick. Luckily for Yamaguchi, Uchida’s shot was saved by the goalkeeper. The hosts responded to Tokushima’s dominance of the game with a counterattack that almost ended in a goal for Yamaguchi. During the final minutes of the first half, Yamaguchi were able to secure first half-time lead with a goal by Tanaka.

In the second half Tokushima Vortis strenghthened their efforts to turn around the scoreline. An objective that was achievable after a spectacular second half. Kishimoto was one of the most outstanding players among the Blues, being involved in almost all build-ups to goal-scoring opportunities. A few minutes into the second half, Tokushima came close to equalising with a shot from the left end of the box that came off the far post. Few minutes later, Kishimoto’s shot once again bounced off the post, this time however, it was picked out by Kiyotake who was able to score the equaliser. The second goal for Tokushima Vortis came in the 70th minute, with a great goal by Konichi from outside the box.

This victory places the Blues ninth in the table with 10 points. The promotion qualification spots are only a single point away and direct promotion lies at 5 points away from Tokushima. The next match against Mito Hollyhock is a good opportunity for Vortis to more closely approach those positions.