Ganas de competir de nuevo

These weeks without official matches have been too long. It is true that the trip to Japan was a great experience to see how people live football in that country, and also to test our level against Cerezo Osaka, one of Japan’s big teams that is now living complicated moments after last year’s relegation in a season they started playing Asian Champions League.

The following 4 weeks have been useful to keep strengthening our playing style, give minutes to the players who have played less in the first part of the season, accumulate work for the upcoming months when we will have a match every 3-4 days, and also to introduce in the dynamic of the first team several players from our youth team, Rangsit FC, with an eye on the future.

Tomorrow we will have the moment of truth and will start a key stage in Thai League, when it will be in stake our chances of remaining within the top spots and try to reach the last 12 matchdays with options to fight for big things, also to advance stages in the 2 Cups, Toyota Cup and FA Cup.

I feel the squad eager to receive the warmth of Leo Stadium. The 1-0 victory against Ratchaburi in the last was long time ago. Too much time without the support of our people, our family, who cheer us with such enthusiasm.

We want to give them back tomorrow with a good game, with our offensive style of play, creating chances, pressing intensely to have ball possession the maximum time and offer a good show so they can feel proud after the final whistle of our effort, our courage and our capacity to practice good football. With those desires we face the match, with the ambition to stay within the top places of the table. We´ll be waiting for you from 20h at Leo Stadium!! We are BG!!

No perder opciones

The key over the first 10 dates of a League is not to lose options to be in the top spots. Now we are second in the table, and the most important thing for this weekend it to keep it, this obviously means to win, regardless of what the rest do. We have to focus on ourselves, in continue growing. In the last match against Ratchaburi we did a very good game, the challenge is to do it again against a difficult rival in a complicated stadium.

We are delighted to see that all tickets that the club made available to fans for the match against Chainat have been sold. This means the fans are happy and enjoying the style of play of the team. For me as a coach, and for the players in particular, it is a huge joy to see the enthusiasm they have and that they keep supporting us.

In respect of the game, it will be important to deserve the victory. For this, we will have to do a great job in all game phases, play with the conviction that we can do it again. We have been able to win several away matches, and we have to play with the same belief, the same intensity, and the same willingness to do great football and bring the 3 points home.

We are in the correct path. We set the objective of being the best team in Thailand for the 2 years project that I signed with Bangkok Glass. Being the first part of the competition, and being in second position, shows that we are doing well. The team is working good, we are in a position that is close to what we intend to achieve and the objective is to stay there, improving and doing things better and better, and become a team to be taken into account in the future.

Partido especial para mí

Next Sunday we will face Ratchaburi, a special match for me, because it will be the first time as a coach that I will face a team which I have coached in the past. It has been very little time since the great success of last season and seeing again players, technical staff and supporters will make it very special. Also the fact that both teams are in the top spots of the standings, with a distance of only 2 points between them, will make the clash very interesting for the fans.

Our mission will be to keep winning, we want to give our fans the victory when we play at our home stadium. Our home games are very important for us, because it is the moment that our supporters have to watch us play. For this reason we want to keep doing things right and win, with the idea of looking for a goal from the beginning, trying to create a lot of goal opportunities, making the game long for the rival, and trying to excite our fans during the game with our play.

I would like to call the fans to keep supporting us. In the last away games against Sa Kaew and Army United, the player felt close the support of the fans. We want a full Leo Stadium, a stadium where more and more fans come. Our objective is not only winning, but also making all of them happy, so it is a great joy for us to see more fans coming and enjoying our style of play. This is the line we want to follow, and we are working for that; we want the people to come back home happy after the game.

We also want to keep winning to stay in the top spots of the League, and reach the halt in the League well placed. The most important thing about the last win against Army United is that we were able to revert the situation; this speaks very good about winning teams, when they are able to revert soon a bad situation. We did it in our last game in a very complicated stadium, such as Army United, and overcoming very adverse situations like the 2 penalties; this makes the spirit of the team to be high. We want to win to keep increasing the confidence, have more and more enthusiasm within the squad, with our supporters and among the Bangkok Glass family. We are BG!!

Volver a ganar

After two League games without winning it is important to win again for the confidence of the team. As I mentioned in a previous post, it is important to acquire the habit of winning, even more after a negative result. However good results come from increasing the confidence, we cannot expect good results to come by themselves. It is important to believe in ourselves to generate a good result. Be able to have again good vibrations inside the pitch and recover our level of play. As I also said a few weeks back, for a coach it is vital to manage the confidence levels within a group. Be able to bring it down when you see any excess of it after a winning series, and conversely bring it up if results are not those desired.

We have a beautiful opportunity to stay placed within the top spots of the standings, and we must take benefit of it. We hope to have as always the support of our fans in a stadium close to ours, Army United stadium, although it will be a mid-week match. We will do our maximum to give our supporters some joy. We are BG!!

Nuevo reto: 9 puntos

We start a crucial week for us because we will dispute again 9 points in 7 days. This will be quite usual in Thai League calendar. The first challenge was very positive and we were the only team able to win the 3 consecutive games. Again, the challenge is in front of us and we have all the will to do it again. First match will be against Chonburi, which ended second last season and we both played the qualifying rounds of Asian Champions. It is one of the teams called to be in the top spots by the end of the season although they have 7 points in the first 6 games of the season. However, I prefer to focus on ourselves, if we play again at our level we will have big chances of conquering the 3 points in dispute. I see the team connected, with intensity and eager to achieve this new challenge. We also want to recover from the last League game and give more happiness to our fans. It was a great satisfaction to see so many people last weekend in Sa Kaew, more than 3 hours by bus from Bangkok. We play for them and we want to dedicate them a new victory. We want to play a great match playing again with our style, keep improving with our philosophy and intensity that have made us be within the first spots in the standings. We await all of you next Sunday at Leo Stadium. All together we are stronger. We are BG!!