Iwao was able to rescue a point for Tokushima Vortis in the final minutes of the match against Tochigi. A result that places Tokushima at 55 points, two points from sixth place – currently occupied by Ventforet – and allows the Blues to maintain their eight-game unbeaten run.

Tochigi showed a very offensive profile in the first minutes of the game, playing on the left wing, with two attempts into the penalty box, however causing no problems for Kajikawa. That, however, changed in the 40th minute, where a play down the left wing originated the 1-0. Kajikawa was able to save Luiz de Andrade’s first shot, but not the second.

Being behind on the scoreline, Tokushima Vortis fought for the equaliser in the second half, which in turn also triggered counter-attacks, but Vortis’ rapid defensive withdrawal prevented further goals for Tochigi.

The equaliser came about in the 81st minute, from a corner kick. After several attempts, Iwao was able to finally find the net. In the last minutes, Tokushima fought for the second goal, however they were unlucky.

Thus, the match ended with a draw, with Tokushima currently thinking of their next rival: Okayama (57 points); a game in which victory seems like the decisive factor in being able to reach the play-off spots.



Three points is the distance that separates Tokushima Vortis, currently with 54 points, from sixth place after their recent victory. Never before have the Blues been so close to the play-off spots this season. That is undoubtedly great news, especially taking into account the Tokushima’s great form in this final wrap-up to the season.

The hosts had the first opportunity to score half an hour into the game, through a play down the left wing that ended up in a cross shot into the penalty box. Ishii, coming from behind, did not find the best opportunity to make it 1-0 for the Blues. Five minutes later, through another play from the left wing, Nomura was able to score the first goal from a great individual action.

The advantage on the scoreline gave Tokushima control of the game during the second half, where the Blues’ central defender Buijs, emerged as the most dangerous player in attack. First chance came through a header from inside the penalty box through a cross from Nomura, and in the 66th minute of the match he scored the second goal from the penalty spot – after a foul committed on Watai.

The match ended with a new victory for Tokushima Vortis. The next game, Ricardo Rodríguez’s team hopes to definitely seal the play-off spots in their match against Tochigi.



Tokushima Vortis managed to seal a draw in a very complicated visit to JEF United, a team fighting to avoid relegation. With six matches to go, Tokushima remain undefeated, fighting to secure a spot in the play-offs. Currently, the Blues have 51 points, and are four points behind sixth-place Kyoto Sanga.

The game started with a clear chance for JEF United from a corner kick, through a shot that was saved by Tokushima Vortis’ defence. The hosts continued to create danger, especially down the left wing. One clear goal-scoring opportunity ended in a weak shot from JEF United’s striker. Tokushima Vortis had the chance to score the first goal in the 37th minute. Watai, firstly, could not beat the host’s goalkeeper, and Sugimoto was blocked from finishing the attack by the opposition’s defence. Minutes before half-time, Kleber was able to score from the penalty spot and put JEF ahead on the scoreline.

With a 3-4-3 formation in the second half, Tokushima brought to the field an even more offensive intention to find the equaliser. Kishimoto came close to scoring in the 48th minute, but his shot was deflected once again by JEF United’s defence. Approaching the final quarter of the game, Ricardo Rodriguez brought Fujita on and subbed off Watai. In the 79th minute, Ricardo Rodriguez’s substitution tactic was rewarded with a goal from Fujita after breaking in from the right wing into the penalty box and finishing successfully. The game could have almost ended dramatically, with two clear scoring chances for both teams towards the final minutes. From Tokushima’s end, Fujita once again gave a great cross, which Shimaya failed to finish.

The match finally ended with a draw. Tokushima await their next opponent at home against Zweigen Kanazawa (50 points); a team that is fighting for the same goals as Tokushima.




After winning the last four games, Tokushima Vortis were held to a 1-1 draw at home against an opponent who showed great resistance to the game of the Blues. Ricardo Rodríguez opted again for an offensive game philosophy; a philosophy that has led Tokushima to reactivate their hopes to climb up to Japan League 1 in September.

The hosts were close to scoring the first goal, in a free-kick from outside the penalty area that was successfully stopped by V-Varen’s goalkeeper. The visitors opted for a strong defense and launched several counterattacks, one of which was in the 41st minute of the match, during which their forward, Tamada, hit the post of Tokushima Vortis’s goal.

In the second half, Tokushima activated their attacking game. As a result, the first goal came in the 55th minute. Watai, after great collective play between Uchida and Nomura, was in the penalty area just in time to score the goal; a goal that defines the game philosophy of the team led by Ricardo Rodríguez. V- Varen, who were also in need of points, stretched out in search of a tie in the final quarter of the game. They were able to find the net in the 68th minute, in a counterattack on the right wing to which Goya was available to score. That goal was his 19th goal this season making him the top scorer of Japan League 2. Shortly after, the V-Varen striker had a chance to make it 1-2, but his shot went near the goal of Vortis. The Blues also had the opportunity to win the match with a shot from Uchida that came off the crossbar in the 88th minute.

The match finally ended with one point sealed for each team. Tokushima Vortis currently have 50 points and are in ninth position. The next match will be played away against JEF United with the hopes of sealing those 3 points to keep the promotion aspirations alive.


Tokushima Vortis sealed another victory in their fight for the promotion spots to Japan League 1. Their win, however, did not come easy, against a team that is fighting to avoid relegation.

There were hardly any scoring opportunities for either teams during the first half. Tokushima only came close to scoring in the final seconds of the first half from a direct free kick by Buijs who was denied by Ehime’s goalkeeper.

It all went down in the second half, starting with a clear goal chance for the hosts that did not, however, end in a goal. In the 60th minute of the match, Vortis responded through Nomura with a great shot that was saved by Ehime’s goalkeeper. In a very similar play, and fifteen minutes later, Nomura was able to find the net and give Tokushima the lead.Tokushima Vortis continued to attack in hopes of scoring the second. Uchida was close to widening the scoreline with a shot from outside the penalty box but that came off the post. Ishii, through a corner kick, also had the opportunity to make it 0-2 for the Blues.

Despite missing those goal chances, Tokushima were glad to have sealed the three points, and currently accumulate 49 points. Kyoto Sanga occupies sixth place with 52 points, and Yokohama second with 55 points. The next match will be played at home against V-Varen Nagasaki.