Tokushima Vortis returned to the path of victory after failing to get the three points during their last several matches. Ricardo Rodríguez opted for a 3-4-3 formation, with the clear intention of strengthening on the wings.

Known for their collective team play, Tokushima’s goal came through this time via direct play, with a long pass from Iwao all the way from the defensive line. He was able to find Kiyotake who was on the left wing. The Tokushima Vortis’ player controlled the ball and scored the first and only goal for the Blues in the 36th minute. Five minutes later, Tokushima could have scored their second through a header from Kishimoto but that was saved by Fukuoka’s goalkeeper.

The second half began with a new chance for Ricardo Rodríguez’s team, through a shot from Kawata. Tokushima continued to dominate the game, coming close to scoring through two attempts from Watai. The first was via a shot from outside the penalty area and the second came from a through-ball down the left wing that was also saved by the hosts’ goalkeeper. Oshinati also had his chance at scoring during the last minutes of the game. Despite failing to score in the second half, Tokushima Vortis were able to maintain their lead on the scoreline.

The Blues now have 40 points and are in tenth position, seven points away from the sixth place playoff position, that is currently occupied by Montedio. Tokushima Vortis will play at home next game against Ryukyu, a team currently at the bottom of the table.


Very even match that was decided in favor of Ventforet thanks to the accuracy of their two forwards, one of them well known for the fans of Tokushima: Utaka. The former player of Vortis scored for the visitors in minute 19 of game in a great individual play against the Blues defence.

Tokushima Vortis managed to recover from the 0-1, returning to their associative hame play to reach Ventforet box. In the 26th minute, Kawata was close to score with a technical resource in a set piece. The ball hit the crossbar. Just five minutes later, Kawata repeated in an action that ended in a shot near the rival goal.

The best chance for Tokushima came in the 73rd minute, in an Uchida’s action from the left wing blocked under the goal by the goalkeeper of Ventforet.

With Tokushima pushing in attack, Uchida scored the second goal in minute 94 for Ventforet after starting from the middle of the field to finish in goal within the box.

The defeat leaves Tokushima with 37 points, opening the distance to 8 points with play-off spots. This week the scenery changes, with the match against Honda FC in the third round of the Emperor’s Cup.


Tokushima Vortis moves away from the play-offs after losing against Albirex Niigata, a direct rival for the same goals in the Japan League 2.

The locals were tremendously successful in their offensive actions, scoring in every approach on Tokushima Vortis goal. The first goal came with a spectacular volley shot from Toshima from outside the box in the 24th minute. Up in the scoreboard, Albirex knew how to handle the pace of the game to strike again after half an hour of the match with Leonardo’s goal in a shot inside the box. The first half ended without further clear chances for both sides.

The second half brought two more goals from the locals, leaving Tokushima with no possibility to comeback, this time less successful in offensive actions than in previous matches. Watanabe in the 59th minute of the match, with a good shot from outside the box, put the 3-0 and in the final part of the match Homma in a counterattack ratified the local win.

Tokushima Vortis is left with 36 points to descend to the eleventh position of the Japan League 2. From the 13th place, Tokyo Verdy, to the 6th, Montedio, there are only 7 points difference. The next matchday Tokushima plays at home against Ventforet, seventh in the standings.


Perfect match of Tokushima Vortis to regain confidence after the last defeat. A game with all the positive aspects that the Blues needed for their interests. The first is to approach the play-off spots again, now at a distance of 4 points. Closer than ever this season. The second is to overcome a match – began losing 0-1 – and the third: the goal. Five in total.

Kagoshima surprised in their first approach on Tokushima’s box, making goal after 7 minutes by a header from Goryo. It was hard for Tokushima Vortis to find space in their opponent’s defense. It was not until minute 40 when a breakthrough in the left was finished in goal by Kawata, very agile inside the box to reach the ball and finish. In the last action of the first half came the play of the goal of Iwao, with a header in a corner kick.

That goal seemed to boost the game in the second half, but Kagoshima made the 2-2 with penalty kick in the 55th minute, by Brito. The situation was again complicated for Tokushima, who reacted based on game play and goals. Three in total. Nomura opened the path to victory in the 72nd minute with a cross shot inside the box, followed by another goal from Kawata in 78th in a big header and closed the win Oshitani in the 95th minute of the match.

Tokushima Vortis awaits the next matchday, at the home of Albirex Niigata, with the aim to continue adding to get closer to the top of the ranking.


Tokushima Vortis will have to continue fighting to connect definitively with the positions that give access to the play-offs of the Japan League 2. The match against Montedio Yamagata, fourth ranked, was a great opportunity to do so, but the Blues had no luck in the match, impacted by the expulsion of Kiyotake before the break. With this defeat, Ricardo Rodríguez’s team remains at 34 points, 6 points from Okayama, sixth ranked and now 9 points from Montedio.

Tokushima Vortis took the lead in the 20th minute of the match. Iwao, after a penalty on Sugimoto, succeeded in making the goal for the Blues with an unstoppable shot. Tokushima dominated the game despite playing against an opponent who was above in the standings. But in the last minute came the expulsion of Kiyotake by double yellow card. The second because the referee considered that the Vortis player was wasting time in a throw-in.

With one more player, Montedio was quick to level the score. Otsuki, in the 62nd, hit a shot inside the area to make 1-1. Only ten minutes later came 2-1 for Montedio, also by Otsuki, this time from a penalty-kick. The sentence came in the 83rd minute, in a counterattack of the locals finished by Takagi. The good news for Tokushima Vortis is that the next  match arrives soon, on a weekday match, against Kagoshima United, a team in the lower zone of the table.