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Power of conviction

Ricardo Rodriguez is a coach who stands out for team management, being able to give balance to the squad, and to transmit the necessary emotion, strength and stamina to a human group with the objective of achieving an optimal individual and collective performance.

He has a great leadership capacity and a natural ability for team management, always searching for a common goal for the player and the group in order to outperform expectations. The motivation with which he leads the team, even in worst times, is the base he uses to recover player confidence and get the maximum from their skills.

Ricardo is a coach with high capacity to observe and analyse. He has enough knowledge and intuition to know where, when and how to act in favour of the group. A player not always performs in the same way, has ups and downs, injuries, problems outside football that have a reflection inside the pitch and that a coach must perceive and feel in order to get the best individual performance. Team dynamics are not always linear nor every group respond equally to the same stimuli. All these are aspects that the Spanish coach knows and handles with mastery and common sense.

He is a versatile coach and has the capacity to adapt to diverse cultures, learn from different ways of thinking, feeling, understanding and coping with the professional player, his environment and his situation within the team.

Ricardo Rodríguez has developed his own football training and planning methodology, called “Tactic specificity”, that allows to develop highly effective, intense and demanding training sessions for the player. The football player perceives that working in the most specific way, in relation to what he must face during competition, helps him to be ready for the different challenges the rival team will pose on him, and solve them successfully, even in the toughest competitive situations.

Together with his assistant team, he takes full advantage of new technologies, which allow him to optimize team and players’ performance and generate changes geared towards success, creating value for the Club or Federation that employs him.

He lives his work with great passion and enjoys coaching. He has a high working capacity, backed by the education and experience accumulated over the years working and studying in three different continents, where he has been able to develop his own football ideas and principles in team management.

Ricardo is a coach close to the player, and he manages to get the maximum potential from him by transmitting the adequate concepts and values for continuous growth, both of the player and the group, which makes his teams winners and able to achieve sporting successes when he is in charge.