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Matchday 5 Buriram United 2 - Suphanburi 2

March 30, 2016

Matchday 5 Buriram United 2 - Suphanburi 2

First match for Ricardo Rodriguez as coach of Suphanburi FC in Thai Premier League 2016 and a tie to two goals against the reigning champion in their home stadium. Good starting point in an away game in a very disputed match.

After an initial phase of respect between both teams, the first good opportunity of the match was for the local team, with a strong long distance shot by Kaio that hit the bar of the visiting team’s goal. Suphanburi answered with an opportunity in right wing, in a through-pass from Tinga to Dellatorre, who entered the area sided to the right and his shot went to the side of the net. Right after it was Jakkapan who had a chance again for the visiting team with a far shot that went directly into the goalkeeper’s hands. The local team reacted with a chance on left wing, in a long pass to the breakthrough into the box of Seul-Ki Ko, who shot to the side of the net. After this exchange of blows, it was the local team who managed to take advantage in the scoreboard. In the 40th minute, a set corner play in right wing ended with a crossing to the box that could not be kicked by a rival forward, but the ball went deflected to the far post where Bunmathan was, who kicked on goal with a strong one-touch and the ball entered close to the bar of Suphanburi’s goal. This was the last play of an even first half.

The second half started with the visiting team pressing more intensely and due to this intensity they turned the scoreboard around with 2 goals in only 14 minutes. The first good chance in this second half was for Tinga, in a breakthrough into the box in left wing, after a through-pass he ended hand-to-hand with the goalkeeper, who deflected the ball. Buriram answered with a free-kick executed from right wing directly into the box that could not be kicked by the rival forward in an attempt of backflip kick. However, in the next play Suphanburi levelled the match; it was minute 53. In a free-kick executed from left wing into the box, the local defence could not clear the ball, which ended in the penalty spot where Prat was, who scored with a low shot. The local team could take advantage again with a strong shot from outside the box that was deflected to corner by Sinthaweechai in a great save. The subsequent corner-kick ended in the best way for the visiting team, as the missed kick generated a quick counterattack for Suphanburi that ended in a penalty foul of the local goalkeeper over the breakthrough in left wing of Samana. The penalty was converted by Jakkapan; it was minute 69. The local team reacted immediately and had a chance in a low shot from the edge of the box that was blocked with security by Sinthaweechai. Nevertheless, in the 78th minute they tied the match. A breakthrough in left wing by Weslley ended in a low crossing to the box that was kicked on goal from the penalty spot by Amornlendsak. Till the end of the match, only a couple chances to highlight, both for the local team. The first one in a free-kick from midfield kicked directly into the box, the rival forward touched with a header to a teammate who shot on goal from the edge of the box, but the ball went out nearly touching the left post of Sinthaweechai’s goal; the second one in a play in right side by a rival player, who after several dribbling on the side of the box, shot on goal but the kick was deflected by the visiting goalkeeper.

After this draw, both teams remain in the same position in the standings, tied to 8 points, Buriram sixth and Suphanburi eighth. The leader is former Ricardo Rodriguez team, Bangkok Glass, with 12 points, followed by Bangkok United with 10 points.