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Matchday 7 BB-CU 2 - Suphanburi 3

April 24, 2016

Matchday 7 BB-CU 2 - Suphanburi 3

Matchday 7 of Thai Premier League in which Suphanburi visited the recently promoted BB-CU. The visiting team won the game by 2 goals to 3 in a disputed match with constant alternatives in the scoreboard.

The match started in the best way for the visiting team, as they took the lead in the game in minute 3. A crossing to the box from right wing by Dhossapol could not be cleared by a local defender and Carmelo headed into goal from the edge of the small box. Suphanburi could increase the advantage in the scoreboard in a new ball into the box from right side, but the goalkeeper was faster than Naphat and blocked the ball before he could kick it. However, the joy for the visiting team did not last long as the local team levelled the match in minute 7. A play in left wing by Oiboh ended in a breakthrough into the box; his shot was deflected by Sinthaweechai but he left the ball inside the small box and Woo Geun-Jeong only had to kick it on goal. BB-CU had the chance to score again right after with a shot from the edge of the box in the left side, but the shot went out to the left of the rival goal. Suphanburi reacted quickly to the tie and managed to take the lead again in the 23rd minute. A free-kick from right side crossed into the box ended in the feet of Prat in the far post after a series of deflections, and after dribbling a local defender he made a low cross into the small box that was kicked on goal again by Carmelo. Jakkapan had the chance to increase the advantage in the scoreboard, first with a strong shot from the edge of the box that the goalkeeper deflected to corner with a great save, and then with another shot from outside the box after dribbling a local defender but the ball went directly into the goalkeeper’s hands. The local team also had its chance with a strong shot from the edge of the box that Sinthaweechai deflected with some trouble. However, there were no changes in the scoreboard before halftime.

The first good chance of the second half was for Carmelo, with a strong shot from the edge of the box that went out nearly touching the bar of BB-CU’s goal. However, the local team would tie the game in the next play; it was minute 52. A play in left side by Oiboh ended with a crossing to the far post where Woo Geun-Jeong was, who controlled the ball and after dribbling a rival defender shot on goal beating Sinthaweechai. Suphanburi answered with a play in left wing by Rangsan, who entered the box but his low shot was blocked by the goalkeeper. The next opportunity for the visiting team came from the right wing, in a breakthrough by Dhossapol who reached the goal line and his crossing to the box was kicked on goal by Carmelo coming from second line but the goalkeeper deflected the shot. The persistence of Suphanburi had its reward in the 73rd minute, when they definitively took the lead. A combination between Jakkapan and Carmelo ended in a through-pass by the latter to the breakthrough into the box by Dellatorre, a rival defender missed in the clearance and Dellatorre kicked on goal with a missed kick but the ball slowly entered the goal after touching the left post of the goal. Till the end, not much to highlight. Only a free-kick from the edge of the box for the local team, but the ball went over the bar.

With these 3 points Suphanburi climbs two positions in the standings and it is now eighth with 11 points, tied to Chonburi (seventh) and Sukothai (ninth). At the top, Buriram is the new leader after their win with 17 points, followed by Bangkok United with 16 points, and then four teams tied to 15 points, Muang Thong United, Bangkok Glass, Ratchaburi and Chiangrai United.