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Matchday 14: Suphanburi 1 - Bangkok Glass 2

May 28, 2016

Matchday 14: Suphanburi 1 - Bangkok Glass 2

Matchday 14 of Thai Premier League in which Suphanburi faced in its own stadium Bangkok Glass, former club of Ricardo Rodríguez, that he coached the previous season. In a match with multiple alternatives the visiting team end up taking the win by 1-2 in 10 minutes of craziness in which the three goals were scored.

The first chance of the game was for the visiting team, in a free-kick executed to the box from the right side that Dellatorre headed into his own goal when trying to clear struggling with Chatree, but Sinthaweechai managed to clear to corner. Suphanburi answered straight away with a breakthrough by Chappuis in right wing, his low crossing to the penalty spot was kicked on goal by Dellatorre with his heel but Narit cleared the shot. Rangsan had the next one in a free-kick executed from right wing close to the goal line, the ball went directly into goal but Narit placed a hand to clear to corner; then Dellatorre had it after a long through pass over the defence by Rozario from the defensive line, but he controlled poorly and Narit was quick to clear the ball. Then it was the turn for Bangkok Glass in a free-kick executed to the box from the right side, the ball went to the far post where it could not be kicked on goal and went deflected into the penalty spot where Sinthaweechai cleared with his fist, the play continued and the ball ended in the feet of Kaikaew in the edge of the box, who shot powerfully on goal but Sinthaweechai cleared to corner with a magnificent save. The last chance of the first half was for the visiting team, in the feet of Toti, after a throw-in to the box, the ball went deflected to him and his shot close to the right post was cleared by Sinthaweechai.

The first opportunity of the second half was also for Bangkok Glass, after a through pass by Kaikaew to the breakthrough of Chatree into the box who, a bit sided to the right, could not score hand-to-hand against Sinthaweechai and he shot way out. Suphanburi answered with a free-kick executed to the box from right side, the ball ended in the penalty spot without anybody being able to clear it, in the feet of Prat, who could not score against Narit, who managed to clear to corner. Kaikaew again had the next chance for the visiting team with a tremendous shot from outside the box that was sent to corner by Sinthaweechai in a great save. The local team answered with a counterattack led by Dellatorre in left wing, he dribbled into the centre and his shot from the edge of the box, soft but aimed to the left post, was cleared to corner by Narit. In the 70th minute Suphanburi took the lead in the scoreboard. A free-kick executed to the box from right wing by Rangsan ended up inside the goal without any player being able to touch the ball, Narit could not do much. However, the joy was short, as in only 7 minutes Bangkok Glass scored two goals. A breakthrough by Toti in left wing ended in a pass to Surachat inside the box, who shot and the ball was deflected in a defender, the ball went back to Surachat, who did not miss the second shot and scored; it was minute 75. Only two minutes later, in the 77th minute, the visiting team completed the comeback. A free-kick executed from right wing by Kaikaew was headed on goal by Praweenwat in an error by the local defence. Bangkok Glass was coming back incredibly in only 7 minutes in a game they had lost. Till the end, Suphanburi tried to level the match, with a shot from outside the box by Chitchanok that went over the bar. However, the best chance was for the visiting team, after a ball loss by Rozario in midfield being the last man, Chatree recovered the ball and went directly into the goal, but hand-to-hand against Sinthaweechai he shot over the bar.

Despite the defeat, Suphanburi is still eighth with 20 points, two points behind Ratchaburi, seventh with 22 points. At the top, Muang Thong keeps winning and continues leader with 36 points, two points ahead of Bangkok United, who is not missing either. Third is Buriram United with 28 points.