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Matchday 15: Navy 1 - Suphanburi 1

June 12, 2016

Matchday 15: Navy 1 - Suphanburi 1

Matchday 15 of Thai Premier League in which Suphanburi visited Navy after the two week break in the competition. Both teams shared the points, a draw that left the visiting team a bit frustrated.

The match started with continuous losses in midfield and without chances for both teams. However, the local team soon managed to get the lead in scoreboard. In the 4th minute, a corner kicked from the right side turned into an endless series of deflections and bad clearances and kicks on goal, and the ball ended in the feet of André Luis in the far post, who kicked poorly on goal but the ball surpassed the goalkeeper, who was exiting the goal, but it was cleared over the goal line by a defender, yet the ball went where Machuca was who scored with no opposition with a bicycle kick. The game continued with a lot of errors in midfield and without clear chances. The first one for the visiting team was for Suphot in a shot from outside the box that went directly into the goalkeeper’s hands. The next one was for Carmelo, after a throw-in from the right side that was kicked by Dellatorre into the heart of box where Carmelo shot on goal with a one-touch but the ball was saved by the rival goalkeeper close to his left post. The only chances for Navy in the first half, and in the rest of the game too, came from set pieces, first in a corner executed from the left side that was kicked on goal poorly and the ball went wide out, and then in another corner-kick executed from the right side that after a series of deflections ended in a rival player in the opposite side, and his crossing to the box was headed over the bar by a teammate. Carmelo had the chance to level the match, after a pass from Prasit he entered the box, dribbled a local defender and shot softly on goal with his left foot that was blocked by the goalkeeper without trouble. The visiting team’s persistence had its reward in the 42nd minute, when Natthaphong’s breakthrough into the box from left side was stopped in foul inside the box. The penalty was converted by Dellatorre with a strong shot to the right of the goalkeeper, who could not do anything.

The first clear chance in the second half was for the local team, with a free-kick executed from the edge of the box sided to the left, but the shot went slightly over the bar. The next one for Navy also came again from a free-kick, this time executed by Machuca from the edge of the box but Sinthaweechai blocked the ball close to his left post. The first attempt on goal for Suphanburi this second half came from Carmelo in right wing, his crossing to the box from the goal line was headed out by Dellatorre in the near post. Carmelo had the chance to put his team in advantage in a very similar play, after a crossing to the box from the goal line in right wing, but his header went directly into the hands of the goalkeeper. The following one was for Dellatorre, in a breakthrough sided to the right, but his shot was cleared to corner by the goalkeeper with some trouble. That was all in a game where the local team managed to take advantage of their options in set pieces.

With this point Suphanburi remains eighth with 21 points, but now tied to Army United and Sisaket. On top, Muang Thong and Bangkok United continue with their hand-to-hand, the former is still leader with 39 points, two points ahead of the latter. Third is Bangkok Glass with 30 points.