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1st Round FA Cup: Benjamarachutit 0 - Suphanburi 6

June 15, 2016

1<sup>st</sup> Round FA Cup: Benjamarachutit 0 - Suphanburi 6

Debut for Suphanburi in FA Cup this season, in a one-game away match against Benjamarachutit, team from Division 2 of Thai League, equivalent to the third division. In a pitch in awful condition, Suphanburi showed the huge difference in level and beat easily a rival that could not oppose.

Suphanburi managed to take the advantage in the scoreboard in the first attempt on goal. A breakthrough by Chitchanok in the centre of the attack ended in a shot that the goalkeeper could not clear properly and left the ball in the feet of Naphat, who only had to kick the ball on goal. It was the same Naphat who had the next chance, in a long ball for his breakthrough in left wing but his shot from the edge of the box sided to the left went over the bar. The second goal came in a very similar play but in right wing, again a long ball to Naphat ended with a shot from the edge of the box sided to the right but this time he kicked nicely over the goalkeeper and the ball entered the goal after hitting the right post. The third goal came in a corner kick executed from the right that Tinnakorn headed without opposition in the penalty spot coming from second line. Suphanburi could score the fourth goal first in a counterattack in right wing that ended with a crossing to the box that Chitchanok kicked on goal but the ball went out nearly touching the right post of the rival’s goal, and then with a shot by Naphat from the edge of the box that went slightly over the bar, but the scoreboard did not move again before halftime.

The first shot on goal by the local team came from a free-kick executed from left wing, a crossing to the box that went slightly over the bar. However, Suphanburi answered fast, a breakthrough by Luiz in left wing ended with some dribbling to the local defence inside the box and a shot on goal that the goalkeeper deflected and the ball ended up hitting the post. The same Luiz had the fourth goal in his feet in a new play in left wing, he entered the box but his shot was cleared by the goalkeeper. The second and last chance for the local team came in a shot from outside the box that went directly into the hands of Sinthaweechai. The fourth goal finally came in a play in the centre of the attack by Dellatorre, who passed to the right for the breakthrough of Naphat, who scored with a good crossed shot. Dellatorre had the chance to score the fifth goal after a ball loss by the local defence in the left side, Luiz entered the box and passed to Dellatorre, who shot on goal but the goalkeeper blocked the ball. Chitchanok was the one who scored the fifth goal, after receiving a pass in midfield he broke through the local defence and beat the goalkeeper with a shot close to his left post. The sixth and last goal was finally for Dellatorre, who did not miss after a pass by Luiz that left him hand-to-hand against the goalkeeper and beat him with a high shot that entered the goal close to the bar.