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Matchday 14: Tokushima Vortis 1 - Zweigen Kanazawa 1

May 17, 2017

Matchday 14: Tokushima Vortis 1 - Zweigen Kanazawa 1

Another home tie for Tokushima Vortis that places them in the mid position of the table of Japan League 2. The men of Ricardo Rodríguez add up to now six victories, four draws and four defeats. Two of those draws came in the last two matches, playing at home and where the hopes were to take a leap to the top. However, the lack of accuracy on goal is not allowing for the moment the squad of Ricardo Rodríguez to reach the top, who otherwise remains loyal to his philosophy of winning through a good playing style.

In front there was a team from the bottom of the table that played organized and with the idea of counterattacking. Kanazama took the lead in the scoreboard in the 12th minute of the game, in a defensive error of the local defence, who did not close well the right wing. Nakami broke through and solved perfectly the hand to hand against Kajiwaka, local goalkeeper. Tokushima Vortis reacted quickly to the goal with a clear chance. Shimaya, coming from the right wing, shot on goal without any opposition, but Miyazaki, Kanazawa’s defender, cleared the ball over the goal line, a goal that would have meant the equalizer. However, the tie did come in the 35th minute of the match. Watari exchanged this time his scorer role to give the goal to Yamakasi with a great assist from the right wing. The goal returned all hopes to Ricardo Rodriguez’s men, in need of a victory.

However, the second goal did not come in a second half where the local team had total control of the possession of the ball and all goal chances. Shimaya, again the most dangerous player, was close to the 2-1 in a shot that avoided Kanazawa’s goalkeeper. The visiting team only enjoyed one attempt on goal, that ended in corner-kick. In the end, the scoreboard remained with the 1-1, leaving Tokushima Vortis with 22 points in 14 games. Next matchday is an away game against Mito Hollyhock. At the top, the leader is Yokohama with 28 points.