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Matchday 15: Mito Hollyhock 1 - Tokushima Vortis 1

May 21, 2017

Matchday 15: Mito Hollyhock 1 - Tokushima Vortis 1

Third consecutive draw for Tokushima Vortis that places team seven points behind the new leader of the competition, Avispa Fukuoka. Ricardo Rodriguez, given the accumulation of matches in the past weeks, chose to rotate some of his players, like the goalkeeper Kajikawa and the forward Watari. Their substitutes in the starting line-up were the goalkeeper Hasegawa and Osaki, at the end author of the goal of Tokushima Vortis.

What did not change was the style of play of Ricardo Rodriguez and his men. Osaki put Tokushima Vortis on the lead with a right-footed shot inside the local’s area. The assistant, from the left wing, was Mawatari. The local team responded to the goal with a shot from outside the box by Funatani that went out close to the goal defended this time by Hasegawa. Tokushima Vortis’ goalkeeper appeared again to stop a goal chance for Maeda, who signed a spectacular play. The player from Mito Hollyhock started from his own side of the pitch to get to the opposite box where he found a good save with his feet by Tokushima Vortis’ goalkeeper.

Ricardo Rodríguez men were able to keep the lead without great trouble, but could not stop the tie in the 86th minute of the game again coming from a free-kick, one of the problems that are burdening the good gameplay of Tokushima Vortis this season. Maedo, the greatest danger for the local side, took advantage of the deflection of the ball after a shot to the post to put the equalizer in scoreboard with a left-footed shot with almost no angle on goal. A tie that tasted like a victory at the end, as Mito Hollyhock could win the match with another corner-kick. Shirai, without mark, connected a header on goal that was saved by Hasegawa spectacularly.

The next game for Tokushima Vortis will be the 27th of May, a home game against Kamatamare Sanuki, a match where they will try to bring to an end the series of ties that has left them in mid part of the table of Japan League 2.