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Matchday 16: Tokushima Vortis 1 - Kamatamare Sanuki 1

May 27, 2017

Matchday 16: Tokushima Vortis 1 - Kamatamare Sanuki 1

Tokushima Vortis tied a match again. This time the rival was Kamatamare Sanuki, team from the low part of the Japan League 2 that stopped the men of Ricardo Rodriguez, who failed again in the definition of the offensive plays.

Kamatamare Sanuki enjoyed the first chance on goal of the match in a counterattack that Osawa, striker of Sanuki, did not finalize well against Hasegawa, local goalkeeper. Who did not miss was Nishi, defender of Sanuki, who scored a great goal from outside the box in the 36th minute. He advanced from the centre of the pitch to shot on goal from the long distance, and the ball entered close to the top right hand corner of the goal defended by Hasegawa. Once again, the men of Ricardo Rodriguez had to face being behind in the scoreboard, and once again they managed to level the score. The author of the equalizer was Watari, who recovered his tuning with the goal by scoring in the 51st minute. The local forward finalized with a one-touch an assist of Yamasaki, coming from a ball recovery following a perfect pressing in the rival pitch.

After the tie, the opportunities for Tokushima Vortis came one after another. First was Vasiljevic with a header that went over Kamatamare Sanuki’s crossbar. The next one was for Maekawa, after a great play by Uchida in left wing. The midfielder dribbled his defender to cross the ball to the heart of the box, where Maekawa connected a header that went slightly out. However, Tokushima Vortis could have paid a high price for all the missed chances. In the last play of the match, in a set-piece, Kamatamare Sanuki could have taken the three points in a play where Hara could not connect the kick by just centimetres.

Despite adding four draws in a row, the best for Tokushima Vortis is that the distance with the top teams remains at seven points. Nagoya Grampus is now the new leader of Japan League 2 with 31 points after winning 1-2 against Yokohama FC. In the next match, Tokushima Vortis plays an away game against Thespa Kusatsu.