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Matchday 17: Thespakusatsu Gunma 0 - Tokushima Vortis 2

June 03, 2017

Matchday 17: Thespakusatsu Gunma 0 - Tokushima Vortis 2

Tokushima Vortis returned to the path of triumph after four consecutive draws, most of them due the lack of accuracy in the offensive plays. Three points that allow them to look up again to the promotion posts into Japan League 2. Despite the four draws in a row added the last month of competition, the distance with the leading teams has remained stable, this speaks about the maximum competitiveness of the second tier of Japanese football. Tokushima Vortis is now six points behind Avispa Fukuoka, leader of Japan League 2, and only four behind Yokohama, Nagoya Grampus and Shonan Bellmare, all tied to 31 points.

Ricardo Rodriguez bet this time to introduce a variant in his line-up playing with two forwards: Yamakasi and Watari. Yamakasi had the first opportunity of the match in a shot from outside the box cleared by Gunma’s goalkeeper. An action that was answered by the local team with a great chance for Kan Soo Il, local striker. Hasegawa stopped the 1-0 with a spectacular save to Gunma’s striker header. In the deflection, Vasiljevic also played a starring role clearing the ball under the goal. Tokushima Vortis suffered again in a free-kick shortly after, where Hasegawa hesitated to go out to catch the ball and the shot of Abe, player of Gunma, went over the crossbar.

Goals came in the second half. The 0-1 was scored by Watari, who finished perfectly a hand-to-hand against the local goalkeeper after a spectacular pass by Maekawa from midfield. The second goal for the visiting team came in the last play of the match, in the 93rd minute, in a counterattack. Carlinhos cleared the ball with a header allowing Yamakasi to have a hand-to-hand with the goalkeeper. The striker finished with accuracy to score the second goal of Tokushima Vortis. Two goals from the two forwards chosen by Ricardo Rodríguez for this match. Next matchday will be decisive for Tokushima Vortis, as they face Shonan Bellmare, one of the teams currently four points ahead in the standings.