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Matchday 22: Nagoya Grampus 0 - Tokushima Vortis 2

July 08, 2017

Matchday 22: Nagoya Grampus 0 - Tokushima Vortis 2

Tokushima Vortis continues with its unstoppable path in the Japan League 2 with four straight wins. The last one against Nagoya Grampus has double value, as it is a rival who also aspires to the promotion.

There is no doubt that Ricardo Rodriguez has found the formula of success with his 1-4-3-1-2, with Shimaya, before left wing, playing as second striker, and Yamasaki and Watari on the top. The results speak for themselves with this system: four matches and four wins. Yet it is not the only thing that Tokushima Vortis has improved as compared to the beginning of the season. While it suffered before in the set-pieces, it is now a particularly dangerous team in this aspect of the game. The first goal against Nagoya Grampus in the 6th minute of match came from a great header by Izutsu in a corner-kick. Iwao was the pitcher and the defender of Tokushima Vortis came from the second line to connect a header that the local goalkeeper could not do anything to stop. The local team, as expected, reacted to the goal with a good opportunity in the 30th minute of the game in which Hasegawa saved his team with a spectacular right hand to the shot of Hattada. Only two minutes later the Tokushima Vortis’ goalkeeper intervened again to clear a dangerous shot from outside the box of Taguchi, midfielder of Nagoya ​​Grampus. Ricardo Rodriguez’s men could increase the difference in the scoreboard before the break with a great opportunity for Maekawa, whose shot went slightly above the goal of the local team in a great chance. The match was a continuous back and forth, with opportunities for both teams. In the 36th minute, the referee whistled in the area of ​​Tokushima Vortis for a hand by Osaki. A complicated moment for the interests of the men of Ricardo Rodriguez, saved once again by Hasegawa, without question the star of the match. The goalkeeper cleared the penalty executed by Nagai. That was the last great opportunity of the first half, which closed with 0-1 for Tokushima Vortis.

The second half began again with Hasegawa as the main actor with a brilliant stretch to the shot by Hattanda. Tokushima Vortis responded with their second goal in the 55th minute in a combination finished inside the box by Sugimoto. The midfielder picked up the poor deflection of the local goalkeeper to gently place the ball into the net with his right foot. Despite being two goals down in the scoreboard, the local team never lost faith and continued to create clear goal chances, sometimes stopped by Hasegawa, a wall during the ninety minutes, and some others by the post.

Tokushima Vortis adds 39 points after this win, increasing the distance with the fourth place occupied by Mito Hollyhock (35 points) and getting closer to the top two spots, which give direct access to the Japan League 1. Avispa Fukuoka remains in 43 points after losing against Zweigen Kanazawa by 0-2, while Shonan Bellmare, leader, adds 44 points after their draw against Oita Trinita. The next date Tokushima Vortis plays a home game against Kyoto Sanga, team placed in the lower part of the table of the Japan League 2.