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Matchday 25: Shonan Bellmare 2 - Tokushima Vortis 0

July 29, 2017

Matchday 25: Shonan Bellmare 2 - Tokushima Vortis 0

Tokushima Vortis could not keep adding in their visit to the leader of Japan League 2. Nevertheless, despite the defeat, the team directed by Ricardo Rodriguez stood up at all times, proving that they can still fight for the direct promotion spots. Something that has become more complicated after Avispa Fukuoka, second in the table, also won their match. Tokushima Vortis, with 43 points, is now six points behind Avispa Fukuoka (49). Shonan Bellmare, leader, has 50 points.

The match between Shonan Bellmare and Tokushima Vortis was a power struggle, in which Ricardo Rodriguez trusted again his main XI, so repeated in the successful last matches. Ohometahara, player of Shonan Bellmare, opened the opportunities with a long distance shot cleared by Tokushima Vortis’ goalkeeper Hasegawa. The local team again created a dangerous chance in a shot after a corner-kick by Saito, whose shot went wide out. There were no more chances in the first half, in which Tokushima Vortis, unlike previous matches, did not have as much depth from the wings. The local team was more forceful in that facet of the game.

The first goal came from the left side in the 48th minute. A good crossing to the box by Ohometahara was turned into a goal assist by Saito, who handed over the ball with a header to Dinei. The local striker did not miss the shot with his right foot inside the box. Tokushima Vortis was able to react and had the chance to level the match minutes later with a shot of Watari from outside the box that crashed into the right post of the local goal. Shimaya, in the deflection, connected a shot with his right foot, but failed to give it the desired direction. The match was, by then, totally different to the first half, with both teams more open. It was a matter of who would strike harder, and was Shonan Bellmare again, in the 66th minute of the match. Akino, after a great assist by Dinei, scored perfectly with his left foot against Hasegawa. Despite conceding a new goal, Ricardo Rodríguez continued to believe in the possibilities of a comeback. Kihoyara and Carlinhos entered the match in the 68th minute, both players of a clear offensive profile. The match, meanwhile, followed the pattern of the second half, with both sides sharing opportunities. Sugimoto could put his team back into the game with a shot from outside the box that was spectacularly cleared by the Shonan Bellmare’s goalkeeper. It was the last chance of a great football game that leaves the perception that Tokushima Vortis will still give much fight to reach the objective of direct promotion. Now it is time to recover the lost points with two consecutive home matches. The first one against JEF United.