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Matchday 28: Zweigen Kanazawa 0 - Tokushima Vortis 4

August 16, 2017

Matchday 28: Zweigen Kanazawa 0 - Tokushima Vortis 4

Tokushima Vortis, that came from a small poor run of results, cleared all the doubts with a revitalising victory against Zweigen Kanazawa.

Ricardo Rodríguez’s team began to decide the game from the very start, opening the scoreboard in the fourth minute with a goal from Osaki, one of the surprises in the starting lineup of the Spanish coach, who decided to make some changes in face of the high load of matches in this stretch of the season. Osaki benefited from a spectacular pass from Sugimoto to define with his right leg in a first touch. The 0-1 only took ten minutes to move, with a new goal from Tokushima Vortis, this time with Watari as the protagonist. The striker, the team’s top scorer with 15 goals in 28 games, took advantage of a deflection inside the area to score the second with a volley. There was no answer on the part of the local team, sunk from the first goal of the visiting team just starting the match. The difference in the scoreboard was made even bigger just before the break, after a corner-kick. Yamasaki’s header inside the box fell short, but Sugimoto, in a centre-forward action, turned quickly to find the shot with his right leg. Tokushima Vortis closed the game before halftime.

In the second half there was only to wait for more goals by the visitors. It was Yamasaki with a crossed shot from the edge of box. It was the last outstanding action of one of the most comfortable victories of Tokushima Vortis this season. The Blues, that reach with this victory 47 points, regain the good vibrations they had lost in the last few days and open gap with Tokyo Verdy and Mito Hollyhock, sixth and seventh, respectively, with 43 points. An important distance to secure a place in the promotion play-offs to the Japan League 1. Yet it is time to think about the next game as the competition does not give rest. It will be Yamaguchi at home this weekend to continue fighting for the top spots.