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Matchday 35: Kamatamare Sanuki 0 - Tokushima Vortis 0

October 01, 2017

Matchday 35: Kamatamare Sanuki 0 - Tokushima Vortis 0

Football does not understand about justice. If it was so Tokushima Vortis would have won in the last match against Kamatamare Sanuki and perhaps in the previous ones, where they also tied. Three consecutive draws for the team led by Ricardo Rodríguez, a situation that keeps Tokushima Vortis alive in the fight for the play-off, but at the same time moves them away from that desired sixth place, the last spot that gives a place to play the promotion to the Japan League 1. Thus, Tokushima Vortis is now eighth in the standings with 54 points. One point more has Oita Trinita, seventh, and two more Yokahama, sixth.

Ricardo Rodriguez opted for his usual eleven, returning to the offensive trident with Osaki, Yamasaki and Watari. It was a frustrating game for Watari, who hit the post twice. A match also characterized by the poor condition of the pitch, far from ideal for the blues to practice their gameplay. A scenario in which the locals bet for a more direct game style. The first chance on goal for Tokushima Vortis took long to come, but it was very clear. A shot from outside the box of ​​Sugimoto was poorly cleared by the local defence, causing the ball to hit the crossbar. Yamasaki could not connect a volley in the deflection in what would have been the 0-1. The three offensive players of Tokushima Vortis created again a clear chance on goal shortly after: Yamasaki passed to Osaki who assisted spectacularly Watari, who hit the post again. Meanwhile, all the dangerous actions for the locals came from long balls, with Baba as their most dangerous player. One of his shots, halfway during the first period, went over the bar of the goal defended by Hasewaga.

In the second half, faced with the necessity to win by both teams (Kamatamare Sanuki is fighting for salvation), the match opened, thus generating more goal chances. Watanabe was very close to the 1-0 with a shot that went out very close to the goal of Tokushima Vortis, who responded through Watari. The striker finished inside the box but his shot hit the post again. Watari’s frustration on goal was completed in the last minutes, where he had a hand-to-hand against the local goalkeeper. The shot, a volley, was rejected by Shimizu. Watari, a key player for Ricardo Rodriguez’s men throughout the season, lived a true nightmare in a match where Tokushima Vortis suffered again in the goal definition. They will be able to recover in the next matchday against ThespaKusatsu Gunma, in a game where Tokushima Vortis needs to stop adding one by one in order to continue fighting to be next year in the elite of Japanese football.