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Matchday 9: Gifu 0 - Tokushima Vortis 0

April 15, 2018

Matchday 9: Gifu 0 - Tokushima Vortis 0

Tokushima Vortis added a new point in the visit to Gifu, always a complicated stadium. A 0-0 that does not reflect what happened during the game, with clear goal chances for both teams. The goalkeepers were the real protagonists. For Tokushima Vortis it was Kajikawa, who returned to the starting lineup for Carvajal. Ricardo Rodriguez also changed the distribution of the team, this time with a 3-5-2, with the aim of strengthening the game in the middle of the field. Yamasaki and Sugimoto were the forwards, playing with a line behind with Shimaya and Sisi.

It did not take long for Tokushima Vortis to win the battle in midfield as a consequence of this system. The visitors had the first great chance of the game in the 11th minute through Shimaya, who missed the goal in front of Gifu’s goalkeeper. The match was marked by the precautions taken by both teams, in need of adding points. In particular for Gifu, that did not shoot on goal with some kind of danger until the last minute of the first half. The shot of his forward went out close to the goal defended by Kajikawa.

The opportunity for Gifu was much clearer in the 50th minute. A long ball complicated the defense of Tokushima Vortis and left Furuhashi, Gifu’s striker, head-to-head against Kajikawa. Used to be the savior in many occasions, the goalkeeper of Tokushima Vortis stopped the 1-0 of the locals with a great save. However, Ricardo Rodríguez’s team answered with an even better chance. Shimaya broke through in left wing to assist Sugimoto, whose header was cleared over the goal line by the goalkeeper of Gifu in a very dubious action. Only three minutes later Shimaya could open the scoreboard again. He could not connect a good shot inside the box of Gifu after an assist by Omoto from right wing. Tokushima Vortis had missed two clear consecutive chances. The match broke thereafter and became a nice fight full of alternatives. Tokushima Vortis came close to scoring again, with a header by Yamasaki saved again by the goalkeeper of Gifu. The last great opportunity of the match was for the locals, with a great collective play that ended with a shot over the goal of Kajikwa when the whole stadium was about to cheer the goal.

This draw leaves Tokushima Vortis in 14th place of the table, with eleven points in nine games. The good news of these last two away games tied is that the sixth place is only four points away. In order to get closer they will have to win the next home game against Kamatamare Sanuki.