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Matchday 11: Yokohama 1 - Tokushima Vortis 0

April 28, 2018

Matchday 11: Yokohama 1 - Tokushima Vortis 0

Tokushima Vortis was once again better than the rival, by game play and chances on goal. However, as it has been happening since the beginning of the season, the lack of accuracy on goal in the offensive plays condemned Ricardo Rodríguez men to another defeat, thus closing a month of April not good results-wise but without any doubts in the playing style. The offensive and combinative spirit remains intact against adversity in the scoreboard. Tokushima Vortis is now seventeenth in the standings. Far from play-offs by spots but not by points: only six behind Roasso Kumamoto, team that occupies the sixth position in the table. A gap perfectly recoverable in the tied and long Japan League 2.

With a 1-4-3-3 scheme, Tokushima Vortis had the first great chance of the game by Sugimoto, breaking through in left wing. However, his shot on goal was not clear due to the opposition of a rival, thus facilitating the block of Yokohama’s goalkeeper, star of his team in this match. The locals answered with a less elaborated game play, always direct. Kagikawa stopped the 1-0 with an agile save in a hand to hand. In the 21st minute Tokushima Vortis came close to scoring again: assist from right wing by Sugimoto, very active in the first half, and luckless header by Shimaya. Yokohama meanwhile had all the accuracy that Tokushima Vortis lacked, by Kitazume in the 29th minute. The local forward scored with a header in the near post without a mark after a crossing from the right side.

Tokushima Vortis had to row against the current once again, pressing hard from that moment to tie the match. For this Ricardo Rodríguez made two substitutions before the 43rd minute. The third one during the second half, when the visitors accumulated several more chances on goal. Despite the continuous attempts, always with Yamasaki as the most dangerous player (he was one of the three substitutions), the scoreboard did not change. In great deal because of the local goalkeeper, very successful in all his actions.

On Thursday Tokushima Vortis has the opportunity to start May with a different trend. Plays a home game against Ehime with the unconditional support of the blue fans.