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Matchday 15: Zweigen Kanazawa 0 - Tokushima Vortis 0

May 20, 2018

Matchday 15: Zweigen Kanazawa 0 - Tokushima Vortis 0

Tokushima Vortis keeps adding, this time with a draw at Zweigen Kanazawa’s home in a match where the visitors had to resist. Ricardo Rodríguez opted to vary once again the scheme, this time with a 1-4-3-3 changing players in certain positions of the field.

The match started with a big shock for Tokushima Vortis, who received a shot that hit the post after only ninety seconds into the match. From that moment, Ricardo Rodríguez’s players took control of the ball, trying to develop their gameplay on a very dry pitch. The first chance for the visitors came in the 23rd minute of the match, with a breakthrough by Maeakwa in the right wing. His crossing did not find a clean shot from the forwards, nor his own shot after several deflections inside the box. The first half closed with a new chance for the locals. Marahao came close to making the 1-0 with a great shot from outside the box that went slightly out close to the post of Tokushima Vortis.

Luck continued to be on the side of Tokushima Vortis in the second half. Sugiura, player of Zweigen Kanazawa, hit the crossbar with a spectacular shot from outside the box. The visiting team continued suffering in the corner-kicks, luckily not finished by the locals. Tokushima Vortis had to resist to try to win in the last minutes, when the visitors reacted. In the 85th minute, thanks to the pressing, Sato could have scored the 0-1, but his shot was deflected by the rival defense. Shortly after Sisi came close to scoring with a shot from outside the box that found a quick reaction from the local goalkeeper. There was no more time in a game that leaves Tokushima Vortis with great news over the tie: it is the fourth straight game without conceding a goal.

This point keeps Tokushima Vortis only three points behind the sixth place, last spot for the play-offs. A position now occupied by Matsumoto Yamaga, precisely the next rival in the next matchday.