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Matchday 16: Tokushima Vortis 1 - Matsumoto Yamaga 1

May 26, 2018

Matchday 16: Tokushima Vortis 1 - Matsumoto Yamaga 1

Spectacular match played by Tokushima Vortis and Matsumoto Yamaga in the fight for the play-off spots. A vibrant game, with two teams designed to produce a dynamic and entertaining football, full of clear chances on goal for both sides. In the end, the tie leaves Tokushima Vortis in the tenth place, with 22 points. The distance with the play-off spots is now four points.

The first chance of the game was for Matsumoto Yamaga in the 20th minute with a header inside the box well saved by Kajikawa. Only minutes later, a ball loss of Tokushima Vortis in midfield led to a clear counterattack for the visitors. A play that ended in a hand-to-hand of Maeda, Matsumoto Yamaga’s striker, against Kajikawa, who responded again with a spectacular save. The match did not lose pace. Tokushima Vortis had a chance to take the lead in the 26th minute, in a play by Sisi. The Spanish midfielder hit the post with a spectacular shot from outside the box. There were no goals, but great emotions. Matsumoto Yamaga, meanwhile, proved to be a fast and effective counterattack team. So it came the 0-1 in the 35th minute of the game. A perfect collective play ended with a goal by Maeda. The match went to halftime with the visitors leading.

In the second half the dynamic of the game changed, with greater dominance for the men of Ricardo Rodríguez. In the 57th minute Tokushima Vortis could have tied the match with a very controversial penalty. Despite the doubts, the referee remained firm in his decision. However, Iwao could not convert the penalty and his shot hit the crossbar. Tokushima Vortis had to keep pushing in search for the tie, with all the weapons that they have in their football: verticality in the wings and execution in the center. The chances came one after another, like one of Shimaya in the 69th minute, who found a good save by Matsumoto Yamaga’s goalkeeper. Precisely Shimaya, the most vertical player of Tokushima Vortis, had another clear chance in the 75th minute, but the shot of Yamasaki close to the goal went over the crossbar. At the end, such insistence paid off. Shimaya tied the game with ten minutes to go with a great goal from outside the box. The winger shot with his right foot a ball unstoppable for the goalkeeper of Matsumoto Yamaga. It was a deserved reward for the collective and individual efforts of Tokushima Vortis. The men of Ricardo Rodríguez even had the chance to win the match in the last play, already in the 95th minute. It was a corner-kick where, after a deflection, Osaki had in his boots the 2-1 that would have led Tokushima Vortis to tie in points in the standings with their rival. The goal, however, did not come, but the game does leave great vibrations for Tokushima Vortis, a team that has shown to be ready to fight against the top teams.

On Wednesday, there is a home game in the Cup tournament against Tochigi SC. The Japan League 2 will return next Sunday, in the match against Machida Zelvia.