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Matchday 19: Tokushima Vortis 1 - Renofa Yamaguchi 2

June 16, 2018

Matchday 19: Tokushima Vortis 1 - Renofa Yamaguchi 2

The difference in the accuracy on goal marked again the match for Tokushima Vortis against the leader of the competition, Renofa Yamaguchi. The current distance between both teams was not reflected on the pitch. Tokushima Vortis had the opportunity to level and even beat Renofa Yamaguchi, but they were not successful in scoring. Just the opposite to the leader of the competition, that had in Onose their main protagonist with two goals.

Ricardo Rodríguez planned the match against the leader with an offensive 1-3-5-2. The first goal came in the 20th minute, with a crossing from the wing of Sisi and a great header inside the box by the central defender Ishii. The game was under control by Tokushima Vortis against a team that showed its huge easiness on goal close to halftime. A ball recovery in midfield generated an attacking play for Renofa Yamaguchi. Kajikawa stopped the tie in the first shot, but Onose took advantage of the deflection to score the equalizer.

The second half started with a hard blow for Tokushima Vortis in the 63rd minute. Onose kicked the ball with a volley from outside the box with the intention of crossing the ball to the box, but the shot described a different trajectory and entered the goal surprising Kajikawa. From there Renofa Yamaguchi controlled the game, creating some dangerous chances to have increased the distance in the scoreboard. The blues resisted and even had an excellent opportunity to score the 2-2 in the 80th minute. It was in a corner kick, with a header close to the goal line from Hirose that went out very close to the goal of Renofa Yamaguchi. The final stretch of the match was intense for Tokushima Vortis, searching until the end for the goal to tie the game. Iwao came close, but his shot inside the box was saved by the goalkeeper of Renofa Yamaguchi.

The defeat leaves Tokushima Vortis with 22 points, falling to the 16th position and seven points away from the play-off spots. Leaving behind this period when they have faced the best teams of the competition, the next matchday will visit Montedio Yamagata, a team with 27 points that occupies an intermediate position in the table of the Japan League 2.