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Matchday 22: Tokushima Vortis 1 - Roasso Kumamoto 0

July 07, 2018

Matchday 22: Tokushima Vortis 1 - Roasso Kumamoto 0

The game against Roasso Kumamoto was a final for Tokushima Vortis. The chance to confirm all the good vibrations showed in the victory against the leader, Otia Trinita, in the previous matchday. In a very difficult match, Daniel Bueno stood up as a hero of Tokushima Vortis with a goal in the final stretch of the match. Three points more for the Blues that already have 28 points, eight from the sixth place, currently held by Yokohama FC.

Tokushima Vortis and Roasso Kumamato played a match marked by a tremendous equality, with no clear goal opportunities for any team during the first half. Ricardo Rodríguez bet again on a 1-3-5-2, but the visitors did not concede any options when the play reached their box. Tokushima Vortis was also very safe in defense throughout the match.

The plan in the second half was still to bet on a combinative style, taking the ball from one side to the other in order to find gaps in the visitors’ defense. Konishi tried it with a shot from outside the box, but the shot went over the goal of Roasso Kumamoto. There were few spaces open. On a counterattack, Tokushima Vortis had the chance to get the lead on the scoreboard with a breakthrough in left wing that ended with a poor shot by Hirose. Minutes were passing and the local team was not able to find the solution to reach the goal. Roasso Kumamoto, meanwhile, seemed to be happy with the draw. Ricardo Rodríguez decided to give Daniel Bueno ten minutes to play, and the Brazilian player was the origin and end of the play that would end in goal. Tokushima Vortis switched the ball from side to side to end with a crossing that Bueno finished with a spectacular header to put the 1-0 for Tokushima Vortis. Roasso Kumamoto, who had not even shot on goal during 90 minutes, went ahead desperate to tie. And it came close, yet there was another of the great protagonists of the locals, Kajikawa, who made a great save to keep the victory for the Blues.

Now it is time to face a tough week, with the Emperor’s Cup against Sagan Tosu and the next matchday with the visit to Ehime, last in the table of the Japan League 2.