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Matchday 33: Tokushima Vortis 2 - Gifu 1

September 15, 2018

Matchday 33: Tokushima Vortis 2 - Gifu 1

To believe until the end. Tokushima Vortis conquered a very important victory against Gifu in the 94th minute of the match. In the last play of a match that demonstrated the maturity of Tokushima Vortis at this point of the season. A unique resilience to problems. Omotehara was the hero of the match, connecting a shot to the net after a great play by Sugimoto in the left wing. There was no rush to reach that moment. The idea developed by Ricardo Rodríguez conquered the winning goal.

The match reached the final minutes with a draw after an unexpected script for Tokushima Vortis in their last home games, where the Blues had determined the score in their favour very quickly. However, Gifu battled hard. From the beginning, where Kajikawa had to make a spectacular save to avoid the 0-1. For the locals it was David Barral again the executor. He warned first with a shot to the post to then place the ball inside the net in his next option after 41 minutes with a crossed shot from outside the box. The Spanish striker has scored 8 goals in 11 matches.

The match was even in the second half, in which Gifu responded with a goal from Yamagishi in a corner-kick with ten minutes remaining. The player of Gifu went straight to the heart of Tokushima Vortis’ box to connect an unstoppable header. From that moment Tokushima Vortis reactivated to win the game. It was necessary to do it. And they got it in the end. In the last play.

One more victory in the race for the play-offs, only one point behind Omiya Ardija and Avispa Fukuoka now (54 points), but they have one match still to play.