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Matchday 37: Kyoto Sanga 1 - Tokushima Vortis 0

October 13, 2018

Matchday 37: Kyoto Sanga 1 - Tokushima Vortis 0

Defeat of Tokushima Vortis against Kyoto Sanga. The second in a row in a month of October that has not started very well for the men of Ricardo Rodriguez, who returned to bet on the attack formed by David Barral and Peter Utaka. However, this time there were no goals for Tokushima Vortis, that lost the match in the first play.

Kyoto Sanga opened the score in the 3rd minute after a free-kick. Tanaka, in the attempt to clear the ball to the far post with a header, found the way to the goal. Kajikawa reacted well to the surprise but could not do anything to stop the 1-0. The goal opened a vibrant match, with Tokushima Vortis trying to find the equalizer through their classic gameplay weapons and Kyoto Sanga generating dangerous plays in every attempt on goal. Utaka had a good chance after half hour, with a volley kick that found the save by the rival goalkeeper.

In the second half, Utaka kept being the most dangerous player for the Blues. In the 55th minute of the game Tokushima Vortis drew a great collective play in which the shot of the African striker faced the opposition of Kyoto Sanga’s defence. Five minutes later came the best opportunity for the visitors. The ball, after a corner-kick, ended inside the box. Sugimoto was quick to shoot on goal, but the local goalkeeper was quick reacting to save the goal. Tokushima Vortis pushed hard in search for the goal to tie the match, which led to dangerous counterattacks by the locals. In one of them Kajikawa saved the second goal of Kyoto Sanga in a shot by Goncalves. Tokushima Vortis, meanwhile, was unable to find a clear chance to score.

The defeat leaves Tokushima Vortis with 54 points, six points below the play-off spots. On Tuesday, it is time to recover the winning dynamic at home in the pending match against Ventforet Kofu. The victory seems necessary to re-engage in the standings in the fight for the play-offs.