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Matchday 39: Tokushima Vortis 0 - Yokohama 1

October 28, 2018

Matchday 39: Tokushima Vortis 0 - Yokohama 1

Tokushima Vortis (54 points) say goodbye to their play-off aspirations after the defeat against Yokohama FC. October has been a terrible month for the Blues, with five consecutive losses that have cut the options of getting into the top six of the competition. Defeats with a common factor: the lack of goal (only one goal in five matches). A problem that was present from the beginning of the season and has been decisive in the final stint. Only in the middle of the championship, with the arrival of David Barral, goals ceased being a problem. However, without the goals of the Spanish striker there have been no other teammates to help with scoring goals.

The game against Yokohama was the last match-ball to keep dreaming. Different scenario for Yokohama, that is still aspiring to the direct promotion after this victory. The first half was timid on the part of Tokushima Vortis, who barely created any danger on the opposite goal. There were not many attempts on goal by the visitors either.

There was more dynamism in the second half. Maekawa, after a great collective play by Tokushima Vortis, had the goal in his boots, but his shot was stopped by Yokohama’s goalkeeper. Tokushima Vortis took control of the game and the goal chances. Omotehara was close to surprise with a shot from outside the box. However, from the potential 1-0 the match went to the 0-1 in the 79th minute after a counterattack from Yokohama. Leandro Domínguez, their most dangerous player, placed a crossing to the heart of the box that was sent to the net by Toshima. It was the end for Tokushima Vortis. The Blues will have to regroup now to face the end of a season in which the aspirations were others.