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1/16 Toyota Cup: Navy FC 1 – Ratchaburi 2

April 29, 2014

1/16 Toyota Cup: Navy FC 1 – Ratchaburi 2

Match of the Toyota Cup against Navy FC, team from the Yamaha Ligue 1 (Thai Second Division). The result was 1-2 for us, and we are qualified for eight-finals.

This time it was an opportunity for the less regular players in League. We played a serious game and we achieved a hard-worked victory. In the first half there were no clear goal chances for neither of the two teams. The most relevant action was the hit Delibasic received in one of his eyes that had to make him be substituted, it was the 10th minute of the match.

During half time Heberty was changed and shortly after the start Douglas too, which gave us greater push and offensive capacity. Heberty was the author of the first goal with a free kick executed from the right side; it was a cross that entered the goal without any player being able to deflect the ball. Second goal came from a corner-play, Heberty passed the ball to Assulin, who returned it to him, and the cross from the right side was headed by Dummie into the goal. With 0-2 in the scoreboard, Navy pushed hard and was able to score one goal, but shortly after the match ended.