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1/4 Toyota Cup (first leg): Ratchaburi 3 – PTT Rayong 1

June 18, 2014

1/4 Toyota Cup (first leg): Ratchaburi 3 – PTT Rayong 1

First leg match of quarter-finals of Toyota Cup, played in our home stadium against PTT Rayong FC, 18th in the standings of Thai Premier League, and who we already beat a couple weeks back in League by 3-2. From now on, the rounds are played in two legs, and we got a positive result for the second leg after our win by 3-1. It was the debut for Juan Quero with Ratchaburi’s shirt and he played in the starting line-up.

The first chance of the game was ours, it was the 7th minute and a crossed shot to the left post by Nagasato went out. We had the second chance in the 18th minute with a header by Henri that went to the hands of the goalkeeper after a cross from the left side by Quero. In the 24th minute we had another good chance, this time by Heberty, but his shot from the central edge of the box, aimed to the left post, was deflected well to corner by the rival goalkeeper. Despite these good chances, PTT Rayong could take the lead in the scoreboard, the attacker scored a goal after receiving a deflection from Chayut, who played as titular goalkeeper today, to a header, but the goal was disallowed due to a clear offside; it was minute 35. 1-0 came shortly after, Sila received a deflection and passed to Assadin in the right side, who passed back with the heel when he was entering the box and nearly over the goal line, without too much angle, he shot to the close post and caught the rival goalkeeper by surprise. The first half ended this way, fair result, taking into account the merits made by both teams.

The first chance of second half was for PTT Rayong with a free-kick but Chayut was good deflecting the ball to corner. In the subsequent corner-kick they could level the match but their header was cleared by Rattana over the goal line. In the 65th minute we scored the 2-0, the rival goalkeeper slipped through his hands a far distance free-kick executed by Heberty. 10 minutes later we scored our third goal in a counterattack; Heberty received in the left side, passed the ball to Quero who scored from the central edge of the box, the goalkeeper touched the ball with his feet, but not enough to impede the goal. Before the end of the match Rattana cleared another ball over the goal line, this time after a shot from outside the box. In the 93rd minute the Spanish attacker Rufo Sánchez scored with a header after a free-kick that leaves the round open for the second leg.

A night of Spanish goals in Thailand, and closer to semi-finals, but we still need to confirm it next 2nd July.