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Matchday 22: Ratchaburi 1 – Chonburi 3

July 05, 2014

Matchday 22: Ratchaburi 1 – Chonburi 3

In matchday 22 of Thai Premier League we played a home game against Chonburi FC, fourth in the standings. In the match from the first leg we ended 3-3, this time we lost 1-3, although we had chances to score more goals.

The first period did not have many clear goal opportunities for neither side. First one for Chonburi was in the 29th minute with a header that went out close to the left post. We were not able to create good chances, only some long distance shots without much danger. When it seemed that the first half would end tied, Chonburi scored their first goal, the rival attacker received his own deflection after a shot to the post and put the 0-1 in the scoreboard, it was the 45th minute.

10 minutes into the second half we tied the match with a good pass between the central defenders by Quero to Heberty, who entered the box and beat the goalkeeper with a low shot. The draw lasted few minutes, because in minute 61 Chonburi scored their second goal after a defender headed into goal a sided free-kick. Yet we recovered fast and in the following play we could tie the match but the shot from Quero inside the box, after a heel pass from Nagasato, was well deflected to corner by the goalkeeper. In the 70th minute Nagasato could also get the draw, but his shot was to soft and centred; 4 minutes later the far shot from Attapong went slightly over the bar; and in the 84th minute the shot by Heberty was soft and centred too. After this play, Chonburi sent to the bar, and in the continuation, after a great control and through pass from Heberty to Quero, he received a foul in the edge of the box. We had a good chance to tie the match but the strong shot by Heberty was saved by the goalkeeper, and after some chaos inside the box a defender sent the ball to corner. The definitive goal came in the 88th minute, the rival attacker did not miss the chance in a hand-to-hand against Chayut, although he touched the ball, but not enough to stop the shot.

We are still in 7th place with 32 points, 14 behind the leader, Muang Thong United, who took advantage of the draw between BEC Tero Sasana and Buriram United to be leader alone.