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1/8 FA Cup: Chonburi 2 – Ratchaburi 0

July 09, 2014

1/8 FA Cup: Chonburi 2 – Ratchaburi 0

Fourth game this season against Chonburi FC, this time the eight-finals of FA Cup. Despite losing 2-0 and being eliminated we had chances to win the match, but football is like this, the topic goes.

The first opportunity of the game was for Douglas 2 minutes into the match, after a long pass over the defence, he was faster than the defender and ended in a hand-to-hand with the goalkeeper but he was a bit staggered and his shot went too centred. First clear chance for Chonburi was in the 15th minute with a header that went out; they tried again 2 minutes later with a shot that Chayut deflected to corner with a good save. In the 22nd minute we had a very clear chance to take the lead, Sila crossed the ball from the right side and the kick by Genki, almost inside the small box, went soft to the hands of the goalkeeper.

In the 34th minute, Chonburi was not allowed a goal due to an offside after a free-kick from the left side, and in the 42nd minute we created a chance with a free-kick from the edge of the box by Heberty that went out close to the right post. In the extra time of the first half a goal from our side was also disallowed, Heberty sent to the bar a free-kick from the edge of the box and the deflection went to Rattana who kicked the ball into the net, but the linesman pulled the flag and the referee disallowed the goal, it was very dubious. The last dangerous play of the first half was ours, with a right side free-kick from Heberty that Choompol headed out.

The second half started like the first half, with an opportunity for us, Heberty made a heel pass to Nagasato, who slightly inside the box could not beat the goalkeeper who deflected the ball to corner. In the 58th minute Chonburi had a good chance but the header from the penalty spot was well blocked by Chayut. 1-0 arrived in the 72nd minute, Chonburi executed a free-kick directly to the box and a rival defender passed the ball in an acrobatic gesture to an attacker, avoiding our goalkeeper, and scored with a header with no opposition.

In the 78th minute Chonburi had a player sent off after one of their defenders saw the second yellow card after a struggle inside our area. We had hopes to tie the match, but they scored their second goal in the 87th minute after a penalty committed by Chayut.

We end here our path in the FA Cup, I think we deserved a better result taking into account the number of goal chances we created.