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My co-worker, WYSCOUT

February 21, 2013

My co-worker, WYSCOUT

I want to show you a very important tool I use to develop my work, it´s called Wyscout. It’s a very simple application, but still, very complete, it´s used to keep track of those players and teams we believe are interesting. It has a database of more than 200,000 players, so we canfind easily players with specific characteristics. We can set filters, such as, by position, age, goals, assists, etc. For example, we can perform the following search: under 25strikers who have scored more than 10 goals in the currentseason. Once we have the list of players that meet these characteristics, we can pick one and ask the application toshow us all the headed goals; we can also watch all the games the player has competed in, in seconds.

It has a database and information on more than 150 different championships; we can watch and download any league match, from the Spanish leagues (1st to 3rd Division, and cup competitions) to the more obscure. Also national team matches, under 21, under 17, etc. In additionif there is a match that we could not see or we want to edit a concept we've seen in a game, we can download the game and edit it in no time.

As you can see, Wyscout, is a great tool, with teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona or federations like the Spanish or Portuguese. Do not miss an opportunity to work with it and follow those players who you consider interesting