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Kor Royal Cup Final: Buriram United 1 – Bangkok Glass 0

January 24, 2015

Kor Royal Cup Final: Buriram United 1 – Bangkok Glass 0

Kor Royal Cup final played at Suphachalasai stadium in Bangkok, trophy that opens the season in Thailand and faces the Thai Premier League champion and the winner of the FA Cup. Buriram United won Thai Premier League 2014, whereas Bangkok Glass conquered FA Cup last season. Buriram United won their third consecutive Kor Royal Cup after beating Bangkok Glass by 1-0.

First half without clear goal chances for neither sides. The first opportunity was for Buriram United in the 19th minute after a cross to the area from the left side by Gilberto Maceda that went too high and nobody could kick it. Bangkok Glass could take the lead in a very similar action after a breakthrough from the left side by Komslip, but nobody was able to kick his cross to the box. Not many more chances in the first half until the 44th minute when Buriram United had another chance to score, with a ball crossed to the box from the left wing that was headed over the bar by Weerawatnodom.

The second half started with a goal opportunity for Bangkok Glass in the 50th minute with a long distance free-kick by Narong, who substituted Thongchai during halftime, and was saved without many problems by the goalkeeper. In the 57th minute Buriram United took the lead with a goal that would be definitive, Gilberto Maceda, after a personal action in the left wing crossed a low ball to the box, the crossing was not very dangerous but a lack of coordination between the defense and the goalkeeper Taweekul to clear the ball was used by Buriram’s striker Diogo Luis Santo to anticipate them and send the ball inside the net. Shortly after, Bangkok Glass had a chance to level the match with a long-distance shot by Peerapong that went slightly over the bar after a deflection by a defender. Buriram had a new chance with a nice breakthrough by Gilberto Macena who shot over the bar after dribbling several defenders. The controversy of the game came after a ball crossed from the right side by Bangkok Glass’ defender Wasan, the ball clearly hit the arm of one of Buriram’s defenders but the referee did not concede the penalty. The last goal opportunity of the game was for Buriram in the 82nd minute, but the parabola shot by Diogo Luis Santo after a deflection by the goalkeeper hit the bar.