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Matchday 4: Siam Navy 0 – Bangkok Glass 1

March 07, 2015

Matchday 4: Siam Navy 0 – Bangkok Glass 1

Matchday 4 of Thai Premier League, when Bangkok Glass visited the stadium of Siam Navy, recently promoted to First Division. Win 0-1, which is the second consecutive away victory this season.

The first half was clearly dominated by the visiting team. Bangkok Glass could take the lead in the scoreboard with a cross-shot from the left side that went slightly out close to the post, and later with a free-kick from the right side kicked by Narong, the cross to the area could not be headed by Matt Smith and the ball went out nearly touching the right post of the goal defended by Siam Navy. Shortly after Bangkok Glass claimed a penalty in a play by Kaimbi on the right wing, in a long ball that he touched just before the goalkeeper and fell to the ground, but the referee did not allow the penalty. However, despite the dominance by Bangkok Glass, the best opportunity of the first half was for Siam Navy, in a good play from the right side that ended with a cross to the area and a nice one-touch shot into goal by Koomgun, but the ball hit the right post of the goal defended by Narit.

The second half started with more chances for Bangkok Glass. The first one by Kaimbi, who after receiving a pass in the front side of the box shot close to the right post. Siam Navys response came soon with a cross to the box from the right wing that was headed out close to the post by Koomgun, their most dangerous player in this match. Kaimbi had a new chance to give the lead to Bangkok Glass but, after receiving again in the front side of the box, he shot over the bar. Nevertheless, in the 63rd minute Bangkok Glass took definitively the lead. After a corner kicked from the right side, Matt Smith headed into goal from the front side of the small box, totally alone. Siam Navy could level the game after a cross to the area that Narit missed to clear, the ball went to Welcome but his shot was deflected by Matt Smith when it was heading the goal. The last chance of the match was for Bangkok Glass, in a counter-attack lead by Okubo, who passed to Kaimbi coming from his left side, but his shot went slightly out of the right post.

Three important points to consolidate Bangkok Glass in the top spots of the League. It is now 5th with 7 points, 3 points behind the leader, Army United. Yet, it has still a game to play, the one postponed due to the Asian Champions League.