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Matchday 8: Army United 0 – Bangkok Glass 1

April 29, 2015

Matchday 8: Army United 0 – Bangkok Glass 1

Matchday 8 of Thai Premier League, in which Bangkok Glass visited the stadium of Army United. At the end, away victory for Bangkok Glass in a polemic game.

The first half did not have many clear goal chances. The first opportunity of the game was for the local team, with a free-kick from the edge of the box, but the shot went slightly over the bar. Bangkok Glass reacted with a cross from the right side from Leandro that was headed out by Matt Smith in the second post. After this opportunity for the visiting team, Army United had two consecutive chances, with two strong shots from outside the box that were saved by Narit, well placed. After these chances, came the first polemic action of the game, with the sent-off of the local player Siwamet after a hard tackle over Leandro in an action without too much danger in the defensive zone of Army United. The subsequent free-kick ended with a header by Praweenwat directly to the hands of the goalkeeper. The first half ended in the same way it started, with a free-kick from the edge of the box for Army United, the shot was deflected to corner by Narit in a good save.

The second half started with alternatives for both teams. The first chance was for the visiting team, with a ball that Goshi received in the position of left wing, after dribbling his defender to the middle of the pitch his shot from outside the box went over the bar. In the first approach to the rival area by Army United came the second polemic action of the game. A breakthrough into the right side of the box from a forward of Army United ended in a fall after a jostle with two defenders of Bangkok Glass; a dubious penalty that the referee did not doubt to whistle, and was very protested by the visiting team. However, Narit was able to stop the penalty kick with a great save to his right side. Bangkok Glass generated a new goal opportunity from the left side, with a cross to the box by Kaimbi that was headed out in the close post by Chimtalay. The local team answered with a strong shot from outside the box that was well saved again by Narit. After a new long distance shot from Chimtalay that went out, came the goal of Bangkok Glass. Tasevski received the ball in the edge of the box, turned and shot on goal, the ball bounced just in front of the goalkeeper, who failed to deflect the shot and the ball ended inside the net; it was minute 85. A goal with some luck, due to the error of the goalkeeper, but of great value. It seemed that the game would end there without more movement, but there were still a lot of things to happen. A new cross to the box from the left side by Kaimbi could not be kicked by Leandro in the second post. Army United answered with a new shot from outside the box, saved again by Narit. Leandro had then a new chance with a breakthrough into the box from the left side after a through-pass, but his shot went wide out. Just before the end of the game came the last polemic action. In a breakthrough into the box by one of the forwards of Army United, the referee conceded a new penalty in an action again very dubious after a jostle between the forward and Kingkaew, in front of Narit who exited his goal and cleared the ball. Another very protested penalty by the visiting players. However, the rival player Ernesto was not very accurate in the shot, and sent the ball over the bar. With this action ended a game with plenty of polemic actions that Bangkok Glass managed to win.

With this victory, Bangkok Glass recovers the second spot in the table with 17 points, but tied with Suphanburi. First in the standings is now Buriram United, with 18 points.