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2nd Round FA Cup: Samut Prakan 0 – Bangkok Glass 2

June 24, 2015

2nd Round FA Cup: Samut Prakan 0 – Bangkok Glass 2

Debut for Bangkok Glass in FA Cup this season, in a one-game away match against Samut Prakan. Total control by the visiting team and final victory 0-2, which qualifies them for 3rd round.

The game started in the best way for Bangkok Glass, who took the lead in the scoreboard in the first goal chance. A long ball to the back of the local defence ended in the feet of Kaimbi who scored with a low shot close to the post; it was minute 2. The visiting team could increase the difference with a play in left wing from Anan, his cross to the area ended in Kaimbi, who passed the ball back for the shot of Siwakorn, but the ball deflected in a defender and was saved by the goalkeeper without problems. Not much more to highlight in this first half, just a shot from outside the box by Narong that went out. Samut Prakan did not have any serious goal opportunity in the whole first half.

The second half continued with the same tone, with Bangkok Glass creating even more chances than in the first half. Siwakorn had the first one with a shot from outside the box saved by the goalkeeper without problems. The second one came from a corner set-play, the subsequent cross to the area was headed over the bar by Praweenwat on the goal line when the easiest was to put the ball inside the net. The local team had their first dangerous approach on goal with a soft shot by Traore from outside the box that went wide out. The visiting team answered with another long ball to the back of the defence, Anan managed to be faster than the goalkeeper and dribbled him, but his shot was cleared by a defender on the goal line. The next chance for Bangkok Glass was for Peeraphong with a long distance shot with his left foot, but the ball was well deflected by the goalkeeper. Anan would not miss his next chance; it was the 63rd minute. A good play in the right side ended with a cross to the area by Wasan from the goal line that was headed on goal by Anan free of mark in the penalty spot. The goal made justice to the merits of both teams. The visiting team could increase the advantage in the scoreboard with a shot from the edge of the box by Bodin, after a nice personal play dribbling several defenders, but his shot was deflected by the goalkeeper and hit the post. The post saved again Samut Prakan in a long distance shot by Narong. Anan had a new opportunity, after a good breakthrough in the right wing by Wasan, his cross to the second post went over the goalkeeper but was headed to the side of the net by Anan. The last goal chance was for Bodin, after a new good play by Wasan in right wing, his through pass left Bodin in front of the goalkeeper, but his shot went out. This was the last chance of a game completely dominated by Bangkok Glass, in which they could have scored some more goals.